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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Political Lackeys on Leashes

…two more icons of Martin’s “renewed democracy”

I thought I was smart …take a vacation while Ottawa was having one too! Having returned, feeling calm and relaxed, I run smack dab into another forehead-slapper thanks to Paul Martin’s appointments of Michaelle Jean as the new Governor General (aka Political Bobble) and Larry Campbell as a new Senator (aka Useless Bobble).

'Senator' Larry Campbell …a shining example of how the Liberal-left in Canada operates. Before I go into that, however, I’m left wondering what qualifications Mr. Larry Campbell possesses to be a Canadian Senator! OK …I figured it out, and it relates to my opening remark. Mr. Campbell possesses the most sought-after quality in a good Liberal politician – he is very adept at using mocking slander, misinformation and fear mongering. Over time it has been shown clearly that the Liberal party, in its thirst for power, values these talents more than such things as wisdom, knowledge, reason, open-mindedness or qualifications.

I refer, in Larry Campbell’s case, to his pronouncement (in support of the federal Liberal agenda) that the Conservatives are “barbarians and fools.” I remember hearing that and thinking “how ignorant and low-brow of him.” I was left to wonder who Larry Campbell thinks he is to make such a rude, inaccurate, inflammatory, defamatory and un-statesman-like pronouncement about opposition members with different opinions than his own.

We must all wonder how Senator Campbell would treat Conservative legislation if put before him in the senate ... it seems he would reject it out of hand just because its from the 'barbarians and fools' ...instead of being from his political soul mates, the Liberals (the liars and cheats.) Funny too how Campell was so hurt at personal attacks on him in municipal politics ...but feels free to make such blanket personal attacks himself. There we go ...double standards ...another sought after Liberal trait! Hey ...he's a natural!

I’ll tell you who Campbell really is; he’s just a crass entertainer – certainly not a statesman, and certainly not someone who possess the objective wisdom to qualify with the classic definition of a Senator as a wise and fair elder. Larry Campbell, for all intents and purposes, seems a one-issue man … to legalize drugs …after all what else in his political track record (if it can be called that) has he pursued with such zeal? Nothing comes to my mind!

I must say, though, that decisions in Courts across Canada (particularly British Columbia) are a great argument against Campbell’s position. Why? Simple, because the inane decision’s we see from the bench all too often certainly must be a wonderful argument against drug use on campus in the 60's! Campbell appears to support the idea of assisting others to become ineffective burn-outs as well …that doesn’t bode well at all for the future!

In the final analysis Larry Campbell’s appointment to the Senate was a nice gift from Paul Martin for behaving like a good Liberal …certainly not on the basis of any worthwhile or unique qualifications.

And speaking of qualifications, - Michaelle Jean (the descendant of slaves and child of political exiles) – what qualifications??? From what I can see, just another entertainer, and apparently one who entertains ideas of Quebec separation, it would appear. So as the Queen’s representative in Canada (more on that in a moment) we have someone who not only has no qualifications for the post but also someone who favours breaking up the country! Good choice Paul!!

Is it too much to imagine (knowing Liberal tactics) to think that maybe, just maybe, Ms. Jean was appointed more to impress voting blocks (women and immigrants) and to keep a carrot in front of the pro-Liberal CBC than on the basis of actual qualifications? I think not!

Now, just to add pain to confusion, let’s spend a moment looking at the Governor General post itself (the Queen’s vice-regal Representative), Why does that post even exist since the Queen has neither interest nor influence in Canada? The Queen is the figurehead ruler of Britain, not of Canada and we, in Canada, have had no obligation to British governance since Dec 11th, 1931 when the Statute of Westminster was signed making the provinces of Canada self governing. To quote section 4 of that document, it says:

“4. No Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom passed after the commencement of this Act shall extend or be deemed to extend, to a Dominion as part of the law of that Dominion, unless it is expressly declared in that Act that that Dominion has requested, and consented to, the enactment thereof.”

At that point in our history the provinces were the ultimate authority, and the federal parliament was made null and void until the provinces (via Citizen Assemblies) had written a constitution to outline and define the role, function and limits of a federal parliament (government). Britain was out of the picture.

After 1931, federal governance of Canada was hijacked with no lawful authority and has existed ever since on ‘presumption’ (i.e. they didn’t object so we presumed it was OK for us to govern, regardless that they were never given the facts.) This has been accomplished in collusion with provincial politicians who also stayed mum about provincial sovereignty under the Statute of Westminster …except Quebec of course and that is the crux of all the separatist activity.

The Statute of Westminster negated the British North America Act …yet we’ve been told its our “constitution” even though …and federal politician even amended it in 1949 to favour their own political objectives! How do you amend something that isn’t in force? Who gave the politicians permission to use, much less amend a ‘constitution document’ not even written by the people who should own the constitution of a free country?

In 1982, Pierre Trudeau’s “Constitution Act” repealed section 4 and literally handed us back to the British. What right did Trudeau have to do that? None!
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After doing the recommended reading, you’ll probably know more intimate Canadian history than the average politician!

The ‘federal government’ of Canada was created by a fraud
and has existed via fraud ever since. Perhaps that explains why Canada’s “Natural Governing Party” has done so well over the decades – they were so adept at gaining and maintaining power through dishonesty, bribery, connivance, deceit, misinformation, dis-information and fear mongering.

Perhaps it also goes a long way to explain political appointments to the Senate and Judiciary … it’s called “stacking the deck” and that has never been the sign of those who are operating honestly, ethically or with noble intentions. No, those are the signs of greedy people with something to hide who need to win at any cost, regardless of whose rights, privileges or lives get trampled in the process.

Wake up my fellow Canadians before we get taken all the way down into the sewer by an elite few who could care less about you or I.

Til Next time
The Serf