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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Gay Marriage in Canada

…Who’s life is it anyway?

The ‘governing’ Liberal Party of Canada gets its wish once again to ram yet another social engineering project down the throats of Canadians. Nothing new here. Traditionally the Liberals have considered themselves smarter, wiser and more enlightened than the unwashed masses of Canadian voters. And let us not forget that Liberals will sell themselves and the rest of us for a vote at the drop of a hat.

Having said that I must make one thing completely clear:

I, your humble and lovable serf, am not against gay rights including their right to live together in any form of relationship they choose between them.

My observation throughout this long, long ‘debate’ about the subject is that the issue has never been about whether or not gay couples should live together, love together, share together, grow old together or bond together. Its only been about the use of a word …”marriage”, since those who are religiously devout have (for thousands of years) employed that word (from their various scriptures) to connote a relationship between a man and a woman in their God’s eyes.

As I have been thinking about this whole debacle I’ve once again been faced with the obvious reality that Government considers itself too important and seeks to control more than it has any reasonable right to. This issue is a beautiful example as is heterosexual marriage. I’ll explain that with the following rhetorical questions:

Why do two people (gay or straight) require the government’s permission, or need to be governmentally licensed (for a fee, of course), to commit to each other in a ‘marriage relationship’?

Why would any relationship between two free will adults require government approval or licensing to be ‘legitimate’ in the first place?

Are not “permission” and “legitimacy” solely resident in the two individuals who are making a decision concerning their own lives?

Common Law (Anglo Saxon, not English) is the supreme law regardless of how governments over time have bastardized and subverted our natural rights under common law by writing statutes that serve only their own control objectives. That being said, the most legitimate form of ‘marriage’ is a common law marriage because it respects the natural, individual rights people have (but don’t often enough use or insist upon) to make fully legitimate decisions in their own lives that require nobody else’s input or permission …particularly the government’s.

Its important to say that just because government tells us they are in charge of something does not mean they have any right, let alone OUR PERMISSION, to do so. Remember those two words – Our permission – because we seem to have forgotten that it is we who tell government what it can, can’t, should or shouldn’t do …not the other way around. Ooops …I just remembered that we have been deprived of writing or collectively approving a constitution here in Canada … we’ve just accepted what politicians have written for us …which is mostly for themselves! Read some of my past posts for more details about that.

So here we are, the social engineers of the Liberal Party of Canada are going to shove something down the whole country’s throat which rightfully they have no reason or right to be controlling, let alone legitimizing in the first place! Unfortunately it may turn out that the net effect of this is that gay couples will find themselves ostracized and isolated by many Canadians who should more correctly be directing their displeasure, or even anger, at the social engineers in Ottawa!

Now … we’ll see if the Liberal Party of Canada is equally anxious to pass “Carley’s Law”, or “Reagan’s Law” to uphold the rights of children as aggressively as they are upholding the ‘rights’ of gay couples!!

Til next time I get PO’d at Ottawa!

The Serf

"Ninety eight percent of the adults in this country are decent, hardworking, honest people. It's the other lousy two percent that get all the publicity. But then, we elected them."
--Lily Tomlin

Saturday, June 18, 2005

We Stand On Guard for Fees

Coffer Security Trumps Border Security in Canada!

The Headline: A Canadian Senate committee said: “Canada must add guards along the 3,145- mile border with the U.S. and arm them with guns because local and federal police response to emergencies is too slow.” The committee further commented that the ‘guards’ should be focusing more on security than on tax collection.

The Party Line: Public Safety Minister Anne McLellan said: "I don't think it makes a lot of sense, in terms of the expenditure of resources, to have every inch of that undefended border patrolled by Canadian, RCMP, or whoever it might be, 24/7," she said. "I don't believe that is a rational use of our resources." Further comment from McLellan was that the ‘guards have pepper spray and batons and that should be sufficient.’

Canadian Border Guard Special Training Memo

If confronted with a firearm in the hands of a fleeing criminal, terrorist or drug dealer, guards are hereby directed to employ the following procedure:

1) Immediately pepper spray the individual, and

2) While the individual is rubbing his or her eyes bonk him or her on the head with your baton.

[Important Note] If the individual objects to this treatment, apologize right away and allow entry to Canada after assessing and collecting the duty and GST for the value of the firearm and bullets the person was pointing at you. Be sure to add a further 10% to cover the new 'Unlawful Firearms Importation Tax' we are currently implementing to discourage the importation and/or smuggling of black market weapons.

Best of Luck
Anne McLellan
Minister of Public Safety

PS. If anything goes wrong and this procedure backfires, immediately destroy all copies of this memo.

Anne McLellan, the woman in charge of Canada’s Public Safety, has probably never faced any greater personal danger than a spider in her bathtub, yet she seems quite comfortable informing front-line people in the public service, who could very well find themselves in mortal danger, as to what they should consider sufficient to defend themselves …let alone secure our borders in any effective way!

Next thing we know, Ms. McLellan will be suggesting we disarm our police services and instead issue them with big rubber fingers they can wag at people committing crimes!

This may come as a surprise to a lot of people, but under Liberal governance (primarily) Canada’s military has been decimated to a humiliating level, our police forces have been under-funded and depleted, and the best response they could come up with to secure our borders more effectively after 9/11 was to charge a new fee …very little of which has turned into actual security improvements!

Whether its criminals or terrorists, you have to wonder if Liberals even remotely understand the realities of the world. The way I see it there are only three options 1) they don’t understand what’s going on, 2) they can’t understand what’s going on, or 3) they’re involved in what’s going on! Somehow they [the government] seem to think that controlling and restricting those who are not a threat will somehow effectively deal with those who are!

The gun registry being a prime example of that backward logic …how many criminals or terrorists do you think went and registered the weapons they plan to use in the commission of their various crimes? Does the number ‘ZERO’ come to mind? The registry simply created another bureaucracy and provided another avenue to collect yet more money …it does nothing for public safety, but it did mangage to dispense with a couple billion dollars that were unneeded for anything else ...just a bit of 'laundry' change to Ottawa!

The sex offender registry …another ‘winner’ …not being retroactive, it only starts to work as new victims are created lovely and utterley socially responsible of those Liberal Party sages ...I'm sure all those future victims will appreciate how serioulsy Coach Chretien and his band of looters took their safety! Of course, there’s a logical reason the registry is not retroactive …Jean Chretien’s step son would have been on that retroactive list!

The airport security fee may be a great revenue source for the feds, but so far its done nada for actual security unless the political rhetoric (hot air) about it is supposed to convince the bad guys that Canada isn’t worth bothering with …I guess bin Laden just stroked us right off his list when he heard about that fee! Afterall, I'm sure bin Laden watches the Al Quida budget carefully, and the money those fees would cost his terrorists could be put to much better use buying Semtex or C4 to make bombs. To quote McLellan "I don't believe that is a rational use of our resources."

All levity aside, the threat of terrorism and the presence of terrorism in Canada is more real than most Canadians realize, and you won't find Ottawa issuing any press releases about it because they hate having fingers pointed at them.

That being so I’m going to recommend you read the book below …to get your copy visit Amazon using the link on the sidebar to the left (and yes, the price is good ...I paid $35 for my copy when it first came out and don't regret a single penny of that price).

Cold Terror:
How Canada Nurtures and Exports Terrorism to the World
By Stewart Bell

From the Armenian, Irish and Sikh militants of the 1980s, to the Tamil Tigers and Hezbollah, this book explores the terrorism that occurs around the world, with Canada as its hub. While Canadian political leaders deny the country has a terror problem, and therefore make little effort to counter it, the author unlocks Canada’s secret intelligence files to reveal how agents of the world’s most violent terrorist organizations have covertly operated in the country for more than two decades.

This book is the first detailed account of the rise of international terrorism in Canada. It profiles the top-ranking Canadian terrorists and shows how, aided by official neglect, they have transformed the country into an important base from which terror is exported to the world.

Stewart Bell (Toronto, Ontario) is Chief Reporter of The National Post, where he covers the national security beat. A veteran investigative reporter and foreign correspondent, he has been writing about terrorism for 12 years and has traveled on assignment through the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Asia and West Africa. He has won many journalism awards, including the Amnesty International Human Rights Media Award and the B'nai Brith Canada Award.

If you’re someone who prefers not to know, doesn’t want to look, could care less, or a die-hard Liberal voter under the [mistaken] impression that the Canadian government is either effective or benevolent ... don’t read this book, it will mess with your comfy little headspace.

However, if you’re someone who wants to have a close look at the dirty underbelly of what government in Canada has become, read the book, and then read it again because there is so much information in it you won't absorb it all on the first read …you'll see Anne McLellan and her "noble" friends on the hill in exactly the light they deserve to be in.

Enjoy reading the book will disgust and anger you to see how pathetic our highly paid, sanctimonious politicians have made Canadians look internationally, and why Canada is rapidly becoming regarded as a 'Sponsor State' of terrorism!

Till Next Time
The Serf

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Crocodile Tiers for Canada’s Health Care

…our number one health threat is political ideology!

OK fellow serfs, lets get a few facts straight:

  • Canada belongs to us …not Ottawa
  • Our skills & labour belong to us …not Ottawa
  • Our incomes belong to us …not Ottawa
  • Our property belongs to us …not Ottawa
  • Our freedom belongs to us …not Ottawa
  • Our bodies belong to us …not Ottawa, and
  • Our health belongs to us …not Ottawa.

Got it? Good! Now lets proceed with a few other pertinent facts because we Canadians have been far too lax about standing up for ourselves and our natural rights under natural law.

Once you have voluntarily surrendered at least 50% of your income to Ottawa, what you do with the balance is nobody’s business but yours …not even Ottawa’s! If you choose to spend your ‘excess’ income to promote, maintain or repair your own health, that is your business …not Ottawa’s.

Ottawa has no moral, legal or ‘constitutional’ right, prerogative or privilege to legislate, regulate or mandate that you or I must endure ill health, pain, suffering or risk of premature demise …which is (in effect) the result of bad management and Ottawa’s obsessive control issues pertaining to health care delivery in Canada. Restricting your right to spend your after-tax dollars on your own health violates the Magna Carta (yes, it still applies), your rights under Anglo Saxon Common Law (yes, it certainly still applies), as well as under the 'Canadian Bill of Rights'!

Secretly, Ottawa likes the availability of private medical facilities that do take pressure off the public system …it means less financial liability to them. The fine of $75,000 levied on British Columbia recently is a joke …on scale its about equivalent to you or I being fined a penny for speeding while not wearing a seat belt in an unlicensed car after four double martinis. Fines are supposed to be a deterrent and must have sufficient impact on the wallet to make it uncomfortable ...therefore providing incentive not to repeat the infraction. A minuscule fine such as that one is simply window dressing to support the political rhetoric.

Speaking of rhetoric, lets get a definition straight. Those who rabidly defend our current inefficient, under-funded and over-burdened system use the term "jump the queue". The use of this language implies that someone with more means is getting 'preferential treatment' and is blatantly false, misleading and inflammatory!

Someone who uses their own money to provide their own health care is 'leaving the queue' ...not "jumping" it. This misuse of language is intentionally aimed at making those who cannot afford to leave the queue jealous and resentful of those who are able to do so. Of course, this represents decades of 'Liberal indoctrination' that pushes Canadians toward mediocrity moreso than achievement and excellence.

Ottawa knows the math quite well. If you have 20 people in a line and two remove themselves (at their own expense) then you only have 18 left …the 18th person in line will have a two-person shorter wait, and the system will have two people less to pay for. What part of that would be a math challenge for a second grader? Ottawa also knows full well that we already have a multi-tiered health care system …they just don’t mention it. Just as they don’t mention that politicians make ample use of those ‘other’ tiers not to mention those 'evil American facilities'!

Those who think Ottawa cares the least about service delivery in health care are fooling themselves. The real issues (from Ottawa’s perspective) are very simple …their issues are only about power and control …in the same fashion they seek to control just about everything else! Think how much political and economic power there is for Ottawa in having total control over the health care system.

To do that, all you have to do is think back to the last election and remember how Paul Martin, regardless of what question was asked, droned on and on and on about health care …and about the disaster that would occur if the wicked Conservatives were allowed to "destroy health care" and replace it with an “American-style system". (Forget for a moment that there was no factual basis to those hysterical claims.) Martin had people running scared enough, over that one item, to literally forget all about the AdScam scandal and therefore vote the Liberals back into office ...even in the face of demonstrable fraud and malfeasance by those same Liberals!!

As a further measure of control, think about how many taxes and fees are justified in the name of “health care” ...then think about how nice it is for Ottawa to control all those revenues and use them as a stick to influence the behavior of the provinces! The really aggravating part is that under the so-called ‘constitution’ that Ottawa trots out when convenient, “health care” is exclusively a provincial jurisdiction …as is direct taxation (income tax.) Yet Ottawa has continually taken more control of those exclusively provincial powers, and with that control the massive cash flow stemming from them. That same cash is then held for a 'ransom' to be paid in the form of political cooperation and/or capitulation to Ottawa's demands by the provinces!

The provinces literally must then go begging, cap in hand, to Ottawa for funds that should NEVER have left the provincial treasuries in the first place. That, my fellow serfs, is called C-O-N-T-R-O-L and with that comes P-O-W-E-R. If you think your health or mine is of the least importance in this game you’re sadly mistaken …the raw truth is that you and I are (in the big game) expendable. We exist only to provide Ottawa (at least in Ottawa’s opinion) with whatever Ottawa wants or demands.

Next time some political weasel like Ujjal Dosanjh tries to tell you they are “working hard on health care”, hear that statement for what it really means …that they are 'working hard to have absolute CONTROL over health care' …and if that lust for control means your mother or mine spends 18 months or more in pain, waiting for necessary surgery …well she’s simply part of an ‘acceptable casualty level’ while the larger political aims are being achieved ...or should that be that "thieved"?

Til Next Time
The Serf

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Wholly Dichotomy, Batman!!

…it’s a wholly Holy issue!

The Liberal Party (temporarily the Government of Canada) is clearly running scared …again!

Riddle me this, Batman ...When is a position not a position?
The answer, of course, is when its part of Liberal rhetoric or a Liberal platform. Have you ever noticed (of course you have) that when the Liberals debate an opposing point or position they do so with slander, disinformation and/or fear …rather than with facts or plans?

Tony Valeri stood up in the House of Commons recently (as a good scared Liberal) and announced that Canadians should be afraid of the “unholy alliance” represented by Stephen Harper. Huh? Just a minute now, wasn’t the line Liberals used until now that we should be afraid of Harper and company because they are an ‘extreme religious right’? OK Mr. Valeri, The Serf is officially confused as to what it is the Naturally Dishonest Party of Canada is trying to warn us of! Are we supposed to fear Harper and friends because they are ‘too holy’ or 'too unholy’? Please clarify this for us. Oh, sorry, I guess you can’t do that …you’re a Liberal and therefore firmly planted on whichever side of the fence serves your immediate political needs!

Let me think now: We are faced with the choice between the “unholy alliance” (according to the Liberals) of Stephen Harper, or the 'unethical alliance' of Liberals and more Liberals …with some NDP socialists thrown in because they’ve been paid for. OK …if you want me to choose, Mr. Valeri, I think I’d have to go with Harper & Co. since their ‘unholiness’ is UN-PROVEN (sorry, Tony, your rhetoric doesn’t constitute proof in my mind), versus choosing Liberals who (despite waiting for a few dotted ‘i’s and crossed ‘t’s due in from Justice Gomery) have clearly been caught [Liberal] red-handed with both hands, one foot and a snout in the proverbial cookie jar! Was that supposed to have been a tough choice? Speculation versus proof??

Gurmant (Secret Squirrel) Grewall may be an opportunistic nimrod …but nothing he’s done is anywhere near as covert and sneaky as Liberal Party antics have been shown to be. Ujjal (Nudge, Nudge, Wink Wink) Dosanjh and Tim (I’m The Man) Murphy illustrate the fact that the Liberals are still quite content to operate under-the-table …but what else is new? It seems to me that the Liberals are on pretty shaky ground to be making value judgments about ANYONE …that includes Harper, Grewal, Conservatives in general or anyone else domestic or foreign!

What’s worse is that once again Liberal tactics take the forefront in the form of scare-mongering rhetoric …just like those phantom Conservative “aircraft carriers.” Joseph Goebels would be proud of the Liberals for their mastery of his propaganda doctrines! 'Just keep repeating the lie and sooner or later it will be accepted as fact.' Sadder still is that it SURE SEEMS TO WORK!

And while all this ‘entertaining’ political intrigue is going on in the House of Commons, not a single meaningful issue is getting due attention while a lot of well paid spoiled brats point fingers at each other or go “nya nya nya nya nya”. Meanwhile millions of over-taxed Canadians are at work sweating over putting in enough time or producing enough results to have an after-tax income that can support their families. And the Liberals want a logo to underscore the “nobility” of the House of Commons? Funny, I wasn’t aware that ‘inbred’ was spelled “n-o-b-i-l-i-t-y”!

What a sickening, pathetic show (just check with Nina Grewal if you don't believe me …she’s likely watching CPAC right now.) What a revolting waste of the money supplied by all those millions of honest, hard-working Canadians working without the guarantees, perks and pensions of those who consider themselves wiser, smarter, better and more important (oh …don’t forget “noble”.)

Have I mentioned we need an actual constitution in this country?

Til Next Time
The Serf

PS: You may want to re-read 350,000,000 Reasons and Oui The People

Monday, June 06, 2005

Ottawa Visits the Serf!


The Serf Welcomes the HRDC
(A.K.A. IP Address

Nice of you good folks at HRDC to visit The Serf – Canada’s Patriotic Political Pundit. I do hope you enjoyed your stay!

Please feel free to print and distribute freely among your peers all that you read.

Also, please say “hello” to Belinda and share with her the following adage:

“ Show me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who YOU are! “

Best Regards
The Serf

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb and Dumber

… Wheeling and dealing Ottawa style!


OTTAWA — The federal ethics commissioner has launched a formal investigation into the conduct of the two MPs at the centre of the taping scandal and will look at whether inducements were improperly offered for votes.
A Compelling Cloak & Dagger Drama Set in the Halls of Parliament Hill!


Gurmant Grewal as Agent 003¼ [Dumb]
Ujjal Dosanjh as Pew [Dumb]
Tim Murphy as Toad Finger [Dumb]

Guest Stars:

Jack Layton as Sir Charles Flipon
Bernard Shapiro as Chief Insp. Nofuss [Dumber]

-- The Office of Bernard Shapiro --

Who but Grewal himself knows, at this point, what he was up to …whatever it was and either way it cuts, it was dumb. If, in fact, he was merely responding to an ‘invitation to talk’ from the Liberal camp, he should have immediately time-stamped the event by contacting Harper and letting him know he was going to attend the meeting and tape it covertly. That way he would have been able to substantiate his story and motivations. But no, Agent 003¼ decided to turn cowboy and do a solo run …really dumb. On the other hand, if it was he who approached the Liberals with an offer; Why would he tape the meetings and create potential evidence against himself? Just as dumb!

Dumber still are Dosanjh and Murphy. With all that has been going on in Ottawa, ala Gomery, are these guys idiots to even TRY something with a legal and political downside? To even put themselves into a position where suspicion could fall? Tres dumb, boys!

Follow the motives. On one hand you have a minor-league MP who may or may not gain some advancement (shades of Jezzebel Stronach) by crossing the floor and/or by voting a certain way on the budget. On the other are two operatives representing a minority government on the brink of a defeat, representing a loss of all that coveted power and influence. Take into account also that those two operatives represent an organization that is oblivious to ethics in its pursuit of power.

So who had the most to gain (and/or lose) by entering into back-room ‘negotiations’? Clearly it’s the Liberal Party of Canada, currently occupying the position of government! Faced with the specter of a federal election, at the height of damaging disclosures out of the Gomery Inquiry, how confident would the Liberals have been about winning government again? Even THEIR arrogance was not enough to confidently face THAT prospect! So, I think its fair to say that given their desperation, and given their demonstrable track record for shady tactics, suspicions about wrong-doing rest more easily with the Liberals than they do on Grewal …however DUMB he may have been in his conduct!

Enter Jack Layton …naive as ever …with a call for Dosanjh to step down. While anyone would agree with the fact that Dosanjh SHOULD (as should Murphy, by the way), can anyone expect him to do so? NO. So while Layton’s direction was correct, let’s hope (for his sake) he doesn’t seriously expect it to happen …any more than he expects his brokered budget concessions to ever see the light of day outside of the desperate promises made to him by a desperate PM Martin!

Further to Layton’s naiveté is any expectation that Federal Ethics Commissioner, Bernard Shapiro (aka PMO Coverup Specialist), is likely to expose, resolve or change anything in any fashion that does not exonerate the Liberals …that’s his job because we all know who he answers to …the desperate PM, Paul Martin! He’s the ‘dumber’ one …”dumb” as in mute, silenced and quiet when told to be so.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Don’t expect anything ‘Gomeryish’ out of Shapiro …our hope lays with the rank & file members of the RCMP who will be investigating the situation. Let’s hope those RCMP members will investigate and recommend charges in a fashion that will make us proud of them, and which will overcome the tarnishing they have endured at the hands of politicians who under-fund them and use them as scapegoats for political failures.

Til next time
The Serf

PS: Remember my new Picture Page!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Nobility in the House of Commons?


Liberal MP's call for new House of Commons logo

OTTAWA - Opposition MPs could barely contain their laughter on Parliament Hill yesterday when a Liberal motion to create a new logo for the House of Commons to recognize the nobility of government was put up for debate.

Nobility of Government” …isn’t that an oxymoron? If not, it’s a knee-slapper of a joke coming from the mouth of a Liberal Member of Parliament! However, since your friendly neighbourhood Feudal Serf is always up for a challenge, I had the talent at Tactical Graphic Design come up with an image based on some suggestions that came immediately to mind! So, without further guilding or lilly …taa daaaa!

Of course, the opposition responded with riotous laughter ...what else could they do? Applaud? Of course not, they’re the opposition …but is was funny!!

That’s it! …your Feudal Serf is officially becoming a ‘separatist’. Not the kind you’re thinking though! Actually I’ve been thinking about this for a while …let me explain.

Our Parliamentary system functions on the basis of political parties counter-balancing each other by virtue of debate in the House of Commons. Theoretically that should work …except it doesn’t because of one glaring flaw. The flaw is that from about one second after any particular election, politicians of all persuasions are on the campaign trail setting up for the next election.

Those in government are busily spending money that’s not theirs to ensure votes for next time, and opposition members are opposing government initiatives because its their job to oppose ..thus the name “opposition”. The trouble is that they oppose for the sake of opposing, not necessarily because the proposition is a bad one! This leads to a lot of confusion in the public and a lot of wasted time an energy on capitol hill!

The other problem with this system is that we end up with the sort of political polarity we have ..the either or … the devil you know versus the devil you don’t, etc. It means that the broad spectrum of thought across the minds of all Canadians is forced to side with one of a very few ideological options represented by a few ideological parties. To me this doesn’t seem to be very representative of popular opinion, will or wish!

Another problem stemming from the party system is that any given party is always pushing to conduct ‘social engineering’ along the lines of their particular ideological bent! This is not the job of government to conduct social engineering …or re-engineering. The real job of government is to administer …simply administer the practical affairs of the nation. Parties bring into effect a certain ‘gang mentality’ that forces itself upon us.

So I’m suggestion separatism …that is, to separate all those parties into individual members. Abolish parties. Every MP elected would be an independent and accountable to those who hired him or her …period. Motions introduced in the house would be debated by those individuals and then voted upon by those individuals. It seems to me that such a system would force better scrutiny of ideas, slow down the process enabling more thorough examination and debate and would eliminate forced block voting to ram ideas through.

We all know that most MPs are simply back-benchers who raise their hands to vote on issues in accordance with what the party brass has commanded …not in accordance with what their constituents want. And don’t forget that according to law in Canada (law written by politicians) an MP is under NO legal obligation to pay any attention to the wishes of constituents …regardless of anything promised at the podium during an election!

Effective recall would be a definite requirement too …if someone begs us at the podium for a job and we give it to him or her, then turns around and ignores our wishes, we need to fire that person and hire someone who listens! How many times have you heard someone complain that ‘government never listens to us’? Well, “political parties” are the reason …so a house full of independents who can be fired for not listening to their bosses (us) is definitely the solution!

This just makes too much sense! Imagine it! What would you call a country that is actually governed in accordance with the wishes of the people (the rightful owners & masters of the country)? Personally, I’d call it a “DEMOCRACY.” What a concept!

Till next time, and have a great weekend!
The Serf

PS: Your Serf now has a Picture Page where any graphics posted here wil be kept! Feel free to download and circulate any images you want ...they're mine, I paid for them and even Ottawa cant tell me what to do with my own property!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Once Again We Pay For Folly

... as usual without being asked!

Here’s the headline:

" The Liberal government has set up a war room -- at a cost of about $1-million to taxpayers -- to handle the fallout from the Gomery commission. "

Once again, circumstances beg the question: Who’s money is it anyway?

Should we be surprised? Not at all. It’s just ‘business as usual’ wherein Canadians have been fleeced for tax dollars and politicians (regarding it as their own money) spend those dollars on what benefits themselves.

Public funds should NOT be used to deal with a problem of the Liberal Party of Canada. Period. If the Liberal party has a problem with their credibility, the Liberal Party should be paying from its own treasury to deal with it. To take that million or so dollars from the public treasury represents a theft and conversion of funds …particularly where those funds were forced from people who do not support the Liberal Party of Canada! Rhetorically; how many non-Liberal Canadians went without to supply the dollars that Liberal politicians are now spending to bolster an image tarnished by their own malfeasance and wrong doing?

Look at this action and see if you can distinguish any difference between it and the subject of the Gomery Commission! Public money being craftily converted to the partisan use (and benefit) of the federal Liberal Party. Its just that simple …but apparently its too simple for the Liberals to understand. Either that or because Canadians didn’t kick them the hell out of office when this AdScam business first surfaced, they presume we are OK with that sort of misuse of public money! Is it arrogance, ignorance, dishonesty or a combination of the three? Perhaps its just a matter that the ‘natural governing party’ believes that Canadians are to apathetic and/or dense to catch on to this latest abuse?

Once again there is a premise here that repeats itself over and again in a variety of scenarios. That premise is that they (Ottawa) perceive themselves as the masters who can do as they will, and we are the work-a-bee serfs who’s only role is to work to supply the masters with what they want, wish for or need. WRONG.

A strong message to Ottawa is needed:


Dear Ottawa,

We, the Canadian public, hereby inform you that the jig is up. You have been given ample opportunity to prove yourselves as responsible, ethical and honest stewards of the public trust. Unfortunately you have failed at these fiduciary responsibilities consistently and have cost Canadians increasingly great sums of money, not to mention considerable embarrassment on the international stage.

Your mismanagement of public affairs and lack of willingness to accept responsibility are unacceptable and we regard your conversion of public funds to cover your own incompetence an act of theft. However, we realize that since you were hired without a proper contract (constitution) in place, you have made your own job descriptions and guidelines along the way. At this you have failed to demonstrate either good faith or any sense of responsibility to those who gave you the job in the first place – us.

As ‘lawmakers’, supposedly working in the public interest, you have failed badly also. Laws enacted by you have increasingly put Canadians at risk from both internal and external threats, yet have increasingly placed yourselves above and beyond accountability, scrutiny or control. This, we feel, is entirely opposite to principles necessary in a healthy and properly functioning democracy.

We are furthermore very distressed concerning the ‘accuracy’ and ‘completeness’ of your reports to us regarding your activities and performance. It has come to our attention that you have seen fit to hire an unusually large number of specialized writers whose sole purpose is to arrange information presented to us in a confusing, obfuscated, incomplete and inaccurate manner. We find this to be a deceitful, dishonest practice that is designed specifically to hide your inability to perform satisfactorily, your intentional misuse of the trust and authority you have been given by us, and the misuse and redirection of our funds to accommodate your own agendas over time. This is an entirely fraudulent practice on your part.

Please be informed that your employment is due to be terminated imminently. The positions you currently occupy will be filled again, but on a temporary basis while restructuring is underway. This aforesaid restructuring will be in the form of a board-appointed Restructuring Committee (Citizen’s Assembly) which will be reviewing and rewriting the terms of the employment contract (constitution). You and others seeking to fill the available jobs will not be invited to or be present at the meetings of the Restructuring Committee.

When the Restructuring Committee has completed its work, and that work has been ratified by the public, you and others will be permitted to reapply for the jobs once more under the new terms of employment. This should represent a sober consideration for you as many of your past activities will afterward viewed in terms of the Criminal Code of Canada and prosecution for malfeasance and abuse will be automatically prosecuted criminally. The cost of defense will rest solely with the accused. We advise you to take this seriously into consideration when considering reapplication for your jobs if your intent is to continue operating as you have in the past.

The Canadian Public
The Rightful Owners of Canada.


Need I say more?

Til next time!
The Serf

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Golden Rule Thrives in Canada

Remember – “He who has the gold, rules!”

Ottawa not only collects, often by devious means, a disproportionate percentage of Canadian incomes, it also hoards the cash as if that cash was it’s own for exclusively its own purposes. This seems odd given that Ottawa is not a deity to whom tribute is paid …Ottawa is a servant of its collective master – us. Ottawa is nothing more than the custodian of public funds that must be fairly redirected back to the public in order to serve the pubic good and public need, and for the purposes they were collected in the first place! At least that’s the theory!

Have you ever noticed how the federal ‘government’ seeks to claim more power and more control in addition to more money? Control …that’s the issue and money is the vehicle that underpins the Golden Rule – “he who has the gold, rules.”

The gold serves as the bait …bait for cooperation, bait for concessions and (more often than not) bait for votes …votes that collectively establish ongoing power and therefore control! We don’t seem to get it that we give Ottawa so much of what it wants in exchange for dollars that were (and are) ours to start with!

The first really great question is; “Why do we send all that money to Ottawa in the first place?” The second really great question is; “Where did Ottawa get the idea it is ‘owed’ anything?” If you listen, you’ll often hear the expression “federal government dollars” from either politicians or often those in media. We seem to have heard it so often, over time, that (ala Joseph Goebels) we have come to believe it! Such is true of many other things as well.

The name Joseph Goebels is synonymous with "propaganda". Goebels was the minister of propaganda for the Nazi government of Adolph Hitler and spread the wild stories of German racial superiority and ultimate victory in World War II. Generally propaganda is "any systematic, widespread, deliberate indoctrination by way of deception and/or distortion." Joseph Goebels certainly did all of that and although I’m not suggesting anyone in Ottawa is a Nazi, the fact is that Goebels’ ‘teachings’ are well established as method to control mass thinking. One of the more famous maxims is that ‘if a lie is told often enough it will eventually be accepted as the truth.’

A recent example of this method in action was during the last federal election where Liberal candidates all chorused the lie that the Conservatives were going to “buy aircraft carriers.” Remember that? There was no question that was an outright distortion and lie …yet the public bought it after hearing it often enough …regardless of obvious and demonstrable facts to the contrary!

Back to the gold …the lie that its their money to do with as they will …a lie that has been told over many years and now is just accepted without much question. In the recent confidence vote over the budget OUR money was used to BUY the support of the NDP in the house! Jack Layton may claim that he redirected spending for noble purposes and to some degree that may be true.

However, the bottom line is that he endorsed a corrupt government in exchange for funding for his own political agenda. Had Layton wanted to demonstrate his moral convictions he should have FIRST ensured that the corruption and dishonesty was swept out FIRST. After that Mr. Layton could have tested his noble goals before voters …but since he had no confidence of mass support he sided with the Liberals. And poor Jack, little does he know that all those dollars he sold out for will never find their way to those he wanted them to go to …regardless of the promises made to him by Martin and company who can find any number of ways to squirm out of keeping those promises!

How much of gas taxes ever turn into transportation infrastructure? How many of those tax dollars collected in the name of healthcare actually get spent on doctors, nurses and equipment? Do income taxes pay for services? (no they don’t, they just pay interest on the debt) It just goes on and on and somehow for all the money collected, the government is always too broke to pay for anything properly …unless of course its something on their own agenda and particularly when its coming up on election time …then the money seems to fall off trees.

Our own money is used to control us … shouldn’t we stop that? We need a proper constitution with rules made by us (the people) for those we hire in Ottawa to abide by. Its just that simple and just that urgent …before things get even further out of hand!

Til next time!
The Serf