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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Gifts From Canada’s Political Crowd


…or how to be happy with gifts bought with your own money!

Tis the season to think about togetherness and family. Usually Christmas time is when we, after working at least half the year to pay taxes, relax, let our guards down, feel generous, forgive and have a wonderful break from ‘it all’.

Not this year. This year in Canada Christmas is tainted with the presence of politicians and would-be politicians on our doorsteps, lawns, TVs and radios begging for jobs. Regardless of political stripe, all will be promising to represent YOU.

Such statements are technical falsehoods …lies. The jobs these people are begging you for will provide them with fat salaries, perques and a pension plan none of us could ever afford for ourselves … even though our labours can afford to pay for theirs!

The really big lie is that they will work for us …nothing could be further from the truth both n Canadian Law as well as in practice. The reality is that they work for the party brass, period. In practicality, any MP who staunchly stands for his constituent’s wishes will never progress past the station of a back bencher …someone with no power or influence ..and therefore no results.

As for all those multi-million dollar promises ... welcome to the world of your vote in exchange for your own dollars in return!

In Canadian law the picture is no less bleak ….To quote Justice E.A. Marshall, Justice of The Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta [MP Wilton Littlechild v. Citizens of Canada, Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta Docket No. 9012000725, Dec 10, 1990]

"I know of no legal duty on an elected representative at any level of government to consult with his constituents or determine their views. While such an obligation may generally be considered desirable, there is no legal requirement."

So what could that doorstep or podium promise really mean?

Canada is trying to enjoy Christmas time in the face of political divisiveness. I have been listening to all the leaders talking. Harper & Martin are the real contenders. Jack Layton can say anything he wants because he will never have to live up to it since the NDP’s chances of forming a federal government are negligible. Harper & Martin will duke it out with Harper wanting more accountability in government, less taxes and more personal choice … Martin will go on about any non-Liberal vote being anti-Canadian and destructive to the Canadian social structure! Gilles Duceppe, however, will (as he always does) be the voice we should listen to!

We in the west have long accused Ontario and Quebec with saddling us with the Liberal Party (Canada’s Naturally Dishonest Party). Interestingly this web site has seen a huge number of visitors since the election was called coming from Ontario based on search inquires about Liberal dishonesty and criminality …perhaps Ontario is now waking up to who they have so long supported and is now thinking more about the good of Canada? Possibly.

As for Quebec, and Gilles Duceppe … First off, read my post from April 2005 for a larger perspective. Duceppe consistently holds the ‘federal government’ to account for its dishonesty and for its attempts to trample provincial rights. In Canada, by law, the Provincial Governments are senior to the federal on Provincial soil. Yet, with the notable exception of Quebec, provincial governments over time have caved to the incursions and power broking out of Ottawa …except Quebec.

Oddly, The Bloc Quebequois stands for all of us in all the provinces. It is the lone voice that espouses claim to the rights and sovereignty ALL provinces are entitled to. Unfortunately we’ve been convinced (by Liberals) that Quebec threatens to break up and destroy Canada by asserting their rights under Canadian Law.

That sort of canard (lie) is exactly what your tax dollars have paid to promote through your politicians, who begged you for a job, said they’d be YOUR voice in Ottawa but sadly only became the party’s voice to you …. no wonder we’re such a mess.

Interesting isn’t it … if a company were to advertise its products and services in the manner that political parties do, the Truth in Advertising Laws would have them in a court room … just another double standard!

Cheers for now

The Serf