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Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Feudal Serf is in Good Company!

As the Midnight, May 2nd Filing Deadline Looms,

“Tax Freedom Day" is still two months away!

Definition: Income Tax Filing Deadline • The date when Canadians are – under threat of odious consequence – expected to provide a level of accountability and transparency to those who do not and will not do the same ...despite that they work for us.

The filing deadline is close at hand, so it seems very fitting to put this annual ritual into its proper perspective.

Six hundred years ago in medieval Europe, most people lived and died as slaves (sometimes called serfs) bound to the land they worked and bound to the feudal lords who ruled them.

The serfs had no rights. Their masters could seize anything they owned and even put them in prison if they didn't pay whatever was demanded.

How much did these oppressed Medieval serfs actually pay in taxes? The answer is about 25 percent of what they earned. Historians believe that the typical serf had to "pay" 25 percent of his produce, usually from agricultural efforts, to his feudal lord. What remained was his bounty.

Today the average Canadian considers himself free and living in a democratic nation, yet we pay far more in taxes than Medieval serfs and are bound by endlessly more restrictions.

Over the course of our lifetimes at least 50 percent of our income and wealth will go to pay federal taxes, provincial taxes, social program taxes, property taxes, GST & PST – the list just goes on and on and continues until a person dies and often has to pay death taxes.

In the big picture, ill-considered and wholly unlawful tax 'laws' enslave us as completely as Medieval serfs. For at least six months a year we are tax slaves …little more than modern feudal serfs in a land posing as a democracy of free people.

For those Modern Canadian Serfs who hunger to know exactly when they’ll personally be released from their tax shackles this year, visit THE FRASER INSTITUTE where the institute has kindly placed a calculator that will determine personal ‘Tax Free Day" according to region and circumstances.

As you hurry to enclose your carefully filled-out forms (and perhaps a cheque also) to meet the Master's deadline, there are two more things you may like to be thinking about as you do so.
  • In June 2004, Statistics Canada reported that Ottawa and the provinces racked up a collective $25.7 billion over-taxation surplus in 2003 …where did it go?

  • You wouldn’t be doing this at all had Sir John A McDonald and 20 other lawyers not quickly (without consent) removed one small but significant word when the BNA Act was written ...good ol' lawyers ...but that is a story for antother day.

Enjoy your filing day!
The Serf

Friday, April 29, 2005

The Canada Health Act ...just that, an "Act"

Healthy Citizens …or Healthy Control?

Today’s headline boldly stated “Dosanjh ready to get tough with private MRI clinics.” The copy went on to explain that Mr. Dosanjh, Canada’s Health Minister, hopes to avoid a “messy showdown” and having to “impose financial penalties” on four provinces for "violating the Canada Health Act" by allowing 33 clinics to provide private MRI and CT scans to patients in need.

PARADOX: To NOT "violate the Canada Health Act", provinces MUST violate our right to spend our 'after-tax dollars' on what ever legal product or service we choose to ...whether it's a bottle of vitamins, a CT/MRI scan or a new hip! One must truly wonder WHAT possibly makes Ottawa think it has the right to DICTATE to this extent!

Dosanjh said he wants the provinces to “tow the line.” Why? Well, according to Dosanjh, its just not right that those who can afford the after-tax dollars should “jump the queue” and address their own health concerns! After all, that’s a privilege reserved for the insider elite in Ottawa …right?

Let’s look at this in terms of the fundamentals instead of what we Canadians are so good at which is to let ourselves be drawn off the central issue and embroiled in microcosms and tangential squabbles that wouldn’t exist in the first place if the central problem were properly addressed!

First off, Ottawa -- in the political sense. What is Ottawa? We certainly know that Ottawa is a hotbed of control, power broking, influence mongering, double standards, hot air and self-serving political activities. Period. Secondarily, Ottawa is Canada’s central supply source of inflated, redundant, unnecessary and mismanaged bureaucracies …health department among the many!

Now that we have that in perspective, we are able to understand the primary motivations behind anything (everything?) Ottawa does …regardless of flowery political hyperbole (spin) that is shoveled into the media by the self-serving players involved. So the most important question is that stated above …is all this about “Healthy Citizens …or Healthy Control?” Those of us with room-temperature or better IQ will easily realize it is the latter.

Next, lets look at the author of the imperious pronouncements so direly reported in the news …Mr. Ujjal Dosnajh. Who is he? Ujjal is a lawyer (important note) who is now trying to do doctor thinking and doctor talk …seems pathetic, doesn’t it? Ujjal is also a former NDP Premier who was impaled by the public along with most of his political pals for putting British Columbia’s economy into the tank progressively over about ten years …so he’s a successful manager and statesman? Ujjal was also the source of a lot of sniggering when it was discovered that he, the illustrious Attorney General of British Columbia, had rented a home to a drug running operation!

Most recently Ujjal was a 'mandated candidate', hand-picked for a riding by Paul Martin to supplant the "people's choice" in the last federal election! (How democratic!) But of course all this has made Ujjal feel really important …so he can play tough guy on behalf of the most corrupt and self-involved political party this country has ever seen! Such stellar credentials …let’s all now bow down and supplicate before Ujjal and his pronouncements!

So, where are we at so far? We have a corrupt, self-serving, desperate-for-votes government that imposes a failed socialist ex Premier on constituents in a panic election, then puts all his legal ‘education’ to work playing ‘medical genius’. Sure makes a lot of sense …doesn’t it?

Sure makes a lot of economic sense too. What better way to take the strain off a floundering, inefficient, under-funded (despite so many taxes to fund it) public ‘health care’ system, than to prevent private citizens from spending their own money to address their own medical dilemmas!

A shining example of Liberal self-proclaimed benevolence and compassion to mandate that people stand in line and suffer …rather than illuminate the inefficiency of the public system by having the temerity to spend their after-tax dollars to help themselves. Is this starting to smell more like ‘control freak’ than ‘public service’? Me thinks something is rotten in Ottawa!

Realistically, the existence of private health care delivery is a threat to Ottawa’s credibility and all its tax and fee justifications that are attributed to “health care” …because it showcases Ottawa’s inefficiency, flawed management practices and skewed ideology. Furthermore, for private citizens to spend their own money in such a fashion flies in the face of traditional Liberal doctrine …to celebrate mediocrity and penalize success.

In the traditional Liberal view, nobody should be better off than the next guy! The graduated tax system and wealth redistribution being classic examples of that very socialistic (dare I say communistic?) ideology. So essentially, whether it’s ‘wealth redistribution’ or ‘health redistribution’, the overall philosophy is the same …unless, of course, you’re a member of the inner circle where those rules don’t apply, after all, they’re the special ones!

With such antics at so many levels in government, one must wonder where politicians expect to get their credibility from! Oh yes, I forgot, they give it to themselves and each other with fancy sounding titles …like “Honourable.”

Once upon a time, when a certain NDP Premier was going down in flames over scandals and mismanagement, a certain Friendly Neighbourhood Feudal Serf (who shall go nameless) explained to that failing NDP soon-to-be ‘EX’ Premier that “being regarded and treated as 'Honourable' is something to be earned, not just expected or conferred.”

The sad truth is that politicians rarely do the honourable thing because it is right to do so …they do it because they’re humiliated into it. Says a lot about the notion of “public service”, now doesn’t it?

Til next time
The Serf

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Oui the People

Love ‘em or not, Quebec has it right … and wrong!

La Belle Province is a clever place …over time they have asserted their rightful sovereignty, and have done so on everyone else’s dime …given the apparently disproportionate levels of federal transfer payments, not to mention other Ottawa given goodies!

In 1976, a newly elected RenĂ© Levesque and his Parti Quebecois were apprised by an enlightened, long-serving Alberta MP that Quebec was in no way legally bound to Canada. This meant that there need not be any "constitutional wranglings" …especially since Canada has no actual constitution.

Nor was there any need or requirement for Quebec to petition Ottawa, ask its permission to ‘separate or jump through any other such hoops. Quebec, like all other Provinces, had her sovereignty already …signed, guaranteed and on paper ever since 1931! Mr. Levesque chose not to act on that information, and the profitability of the ‘threat of Quebec separation’ has ever since been a financial trump card!

If one really listens to what Quebec separatists are demanding, it comes down to one basic thing …they want the sovereignty and autonomy they (as all provinces) are fully entitled to. Quebec is, however, the only province that has staunchly resisted the virus called “Ottawa” that seeks to infect and control everything …Quebec has always had that part right.

However, as demonstrated by the fact that Quebec has not ‘separated’ (when they have had no real barriers against doing so), and in the face of the enormous financial benefits they have enjoyed by waving the ‘separation stick’ around over the years …Quebec also got it wrong terms of their methods for achieving their goals.

Essentially Quebec’s ‘enemy’ is the power hungry, controlling de facto central ‘government’ in Ottawa …not the rest of Canada’s citizens who have been screwed by Ottawa for the dollars necessary to play the game with Quebec. So while Quebec’s stand to maintain their legitimate sovereign rights is very admirable, their methods (that have financially victimized others) are not. Therefore Quebec has lost the empathy and/or support of Canadians who, when the numbers of dollars became known, became outraged and focused a lot of their anger toward Quebecers on account of it, instead of directing it more appropriately at Ottawa. Quebec has alienated themselves as a result.

Now we have AdScam and the Gomrey Inquiry to think about, all on account of the Ottawa - Quebec chess game! In the long run, some great good may come of it outside of convicting and jailing those responsible (business types and political types included) ensuring severe sentences are imposed on all of them – that no one is immune or excused from prosecution and penalty is vitally important nationally and internationally.

Nationally, Canadians need to see a couple of very important things from all of this and the sooner the better. First, we need to see how absolutely backward the administration of Canada has become in that the true ‘owners’ of the land (the citizenry en masse) have become the ‘subjects’ of self-proclaimed masters who feel they have absolute right to dictate, take from us anything they want and to conduct themselves outside of laws and ethics anyone else is required to live by!

Secondly, Canadians need to see that these self-proclaimed monarchs, with their vassals and minions, are not beyond the reach of consequences for their insidious and criminal acts. For far too long Canadians have given in to the notion that “there is nothing they can do so why try”. It’s the old “you can’t fight city hall” adage in action. Canadians need to know there IS something they can do …the first of which is to insist, and continue to insist that none of the involved characters is beyond consequences.

Internationally, Canada is fast becoming known as a weak, fence-sitting country that is fast to dispense high-minded advice and opinion, but which is almost incapable of defending its own borders, enforcing its own sovereignty, or controlling the mouths of arrogant politicians and civil servants who embarrass us all with their verbal sewage.

For all that high-minded dribble our politicians have eschewed on the international stage, we now have this AdScam mess flapping in the breeze for all the world to see! Imagine how pathetic we will look if those responsible (who ever they are and even if they once were a Prime Minister) are not prosecuted and punished in the same fashion as private individuals would have been if caught perpetrating a similarly enormous fraud!

Some questions to ponder seriously in these dark times:

  • Isn’t it high time we showed ourselves (and the rest of the world) what Canadians are REALLY made of?

  • Isn’t it time we reclaimed the respect, reputation and honour we once held and deserved internationally?

  • Isn’t it high time we rebuilt this country as it should have been in the first place?

This particular Feudal Serf says emphatically “YES”!

Til next time
The Serf

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Democracy and Freedom in Canada?

The idea of democracy is that free men and women enjoy freedom to chose, speak travel and think …at least that’s the theory!

How easily the words “freedom” and “democracy” roll off the tongues of Canadians, particularly when we are talking about here versus some third world nation. Comparatively we are certainly better off, but how free are we really? Let’s think about that…

We’re free to own land …well at least the top few inches …anything further down that may be valuable the government claims ownership of …and which the government offers as chattel on huge federal debts owed to international banks!

Land 'Ownership' Sidebar: The issue of land "ownership" is a poignant example of feudalistic structure. The paperwork and jargon use the term "owner" ...but the reality does not support the use of that term. If you own something it is yours to do with as you will ...period. Not so with land.

First off your municipal government will dictate what you can build on 'your land' and then will tax you to the extent you improve 'your land' or the structure(s) you decide to build (or improve) on 'your land' to the extent they determine. Secondly, because you only 'own' the topsoil, not what lays beneath it, your security of 'ownership' and even residence is at risk because the federal 'government' claims ownership of the earth and it's contents below the topsoil you 'own'. That means they claim for themselves absolute right to the mineral value below you among other things.

What happens if the feds decide they want to exploit the deeper use of "their land" --for whatever purpose? Clearly your home, landscaping, garden, pool and prize roses would be in the way and a nuisance relative to their needs and plans. For them to look good (and perhaps perpetuate the notion that you 'own' the land) a financial offer will be made ...usually below fair market value, as many have found out.

If the 'land owner' (theoretically you) chooses to stand up for their rights and demand fair compensation, 'negotiations' can break down ...which is when the word "expropriation" comes up. Let's be honest, "expropriation" is really just another word for "eviction" by an annoyed 'master' for not cooperating with his wishes. In feudal times the peasants were allowed to use land as well ...for as long as they did what they were commanded, and paid the master his taxes. Some things never change. So do you still feel free? you still feel like a 'land owner'?'d be mistaken if you do!

We’re free to travel …provided we have paid the fees for drivers’ licenses and vehicle permits, paid the taxes for fuel ond accommodation …paid for a passport to verify citizenship …paid airport improvement and airport security fees …paid for a fishing or hunting license if we want to live off the land, paid the fee for a camping spot and so on!

We’re free to accumulate wealth …so long as we pay the government at least 50% of gross earnings along the way, pay more tax on the earnings on after tax savings, pay tax on the sale of assets we have bought with after tax dollars, pay tax on purchases made with after tax dollars, pay accountants to navigate the ridiculous complexities of the tax system, pay banks to store our ‘wealth’ …and even pay tax on our remaining income when we die!

We’re free to protect ourselves from aggression or oppression …so long as we don’t do it ourselves …provided we don’t harm anyone, even those who would harm us …provided we can hire a lawyer to navigate an overly complex court system that appears to care more about courtroom choreography than about facts and truth …provided we accept that our protection is on the other end of a 911 call to agencies that are ridiculously under funded and under staffed!

We’re free to enjoy good health and medical care …unless we try to pay for it ourselves with our after tax dollars …provided we pay premiums for access to a health care system, the funding of which is the stated reason for so much of the initial tax burden we carry …provided we are willing to wait (often in pain and deteriorating further) in line in a horribly mismanaged public health care system. …provided we can afford to buy (with after tax dollars) additional services and coverage) the public system won’t cover …and provided we can even find a doctor who is taking on new patients or a hospital that has an available bed!

We’re free to elect politicians to represent our collective will …NOT. We “elect” people every few years who stand at a podium and apply for the job with great speeches …and once we’ve hired them what we get for our money and faith in democracy is a salesman for the party who tells US what THEY think we need, should have, can do and can keep!

Believe it or not, an ‘elected’ individual is under NO legal obligation to listen to a single thing you or I say! But you need not believe me …instead you can believe Justice, E.A. Marshall of The Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta who heard docket number 9012000725 on the 10th of December 1990. Apparently some constituents brought suit against their MP for his failure to represent their wishes. In Justice Marshall’s decision he said:
“ I know of no legal duty on an elected representative at any level of government to consult with his constituents or determine their views. While such an obligation may generally be considered desirable, there is no legal requirement.”

So much for that democratic “freedom” …it seems, more accurately, that we are free to elect people to do what they want and tell US what to do! How democratic!!

Sure we have “freedom” …so long as we do what we’re told, pay the price, submit the required fees …so we’re “free” as long as we can afford freedom!

In reality we are feudalized serfs who pay for what freedoms we enjoy, which are at the discretion of those we employ in government, and we somehow convince ourselves we live in a free, democratic society!

In closing I shall present you with some proof that you are, in Canada, actually ‘owned’ almost from the moment of your birth ...not as free as you might think!

When your parents completed the form for the Certification of Live Birth shortly after you were born, they entered 'given names' and 'family' name. The family name was/is not part of your given name; but is only a reference name.

The Crown in right of your birth Province then fraudulently created a legal fiction/legal identity name by including your family name as being part of the name on the birth certificate. This name is then 'assumed' to be associated with your physical body. A 'certificate' is a money value instrument.

The 'legal identity', which the Crown names a 'person', is given a credit value and used as chattel as a hypothecation for government loans from the international bankers. The chattel value is based upon potential labour to be confiscated at a later date by the Crown in the form of taxes, primarily income tax, and now GST.

Thus, by this devious method, you have had a contract of servitude imposed upon you in violation of basic contract law and in violation of the Statute of Frauds (Br. A.D. 1677). This imposed contract then "OUTLAWED" you in violation of Section 39 of the Magna Carta (A.D.1215 - Revised A.D. 1225); and thus, unlawfully removed your Sovereign Status.

Oh, and for any of you who say this can't be true because this is 2005 and the laws quoted we're from the 12th and 16th centuries ...that's only because you've bought in to some serious disinformation!

Yup, we’re sure free …free to be serfs ...and pay for the privilege.

Til next time
The Serf

Monday, April 25, 2005

Masters and Serfs – The Big Stick!

Word is out that the Government of Canada plans
to embark on an

“Assault on the Underground Economy”.

An interesting conversation took place on open line radio today. Being interviewed was a lawyer who specializes in negotiating with the CCRA. The lawyer made it quite clear how the government deals with someone in tax arrears, and it certainly appears that the penalties for keeping your own money are far more severe than that meted out for making a bomb that blows over three hundred people out of the sky. To quote:

If you do not declare taxable income for more than one year, you have committed tax evasion. When you are caught, monetary penalties will be up to 250% of the tax payable and daily interest. In addition to the penalties, you will also have to pay the tax owing plus daily interest. If charged and convicted and you can’t pay the huge fine, prison is the alternative. Worse still a criminal record can put an end to your business and other travel outside of Canada.

Clearly the government takes what it deems to be an offense against itself far more seriously than offenses committed against regular people …people who have been robbed, assaulted, defrauded or murdered! Too bad government couldn’t take the little issues that concern so many of us, such as a retroactive sex offender registry, terrorism and drug trafficking as seriously as it takes its own selfish interests!

Interesting timing also that this would come out during a time when the government is under scrutiny for massive fraud and corruption! But its equally interesting that if a private company were to try to assess delinquent accounts at the same rates, the government would be prosecuting them for loan sharking! As a matter of fact, if that same private company were to try to raise or collect money in the same manner government does they would be breaching the Criminal Code on several levels!

This particular Serf has often wondered how it came to be that governments feel entitled to a bigger percentage of a worker’s income than the worker is! Just doing some rudimentary math illustrates the point. Take a worker in the lowest bracket (27%) add GST at 5% (since a FEW items are exempt), add another rough 5% for UIC & CPP, now were at 37% …then factor in all the hidden taxes such as that on gas, factor in the tax paid on tax, factor in even more tax if you smoke or drink, etc. etc. …which means a minimum wage earner is parting with a good 50%! Earn more and get yourself in a high bracket and the liability goes up …way up! Once you have choked on that … factor in the provincial and municipal tax burdens and various fees!!!

For what do we pay? A universal medical system that is hardly universal and very dysfunctional because the government doesn’t have enough money to fund it properly. How about maintaining law and order and protecting us from society’s predators and vultures? No again …seems the government doesn’t have the money to properly fund that either. OK, how about enforcing and protecting national sovereignty? Wrong again … under funded & under-manned due to budget constraints! All right, the Canada Pension Plan! Wrong once more …in fact that plan has been referred to by financial experts as a “Ponzi Scheme” …which is classified as fraud under the criminal code!

Is there anything we are being forced to fund that is actually being properly funded? Let’s see now …Lifetime Pensions for Parliamentarians …yup, and fully indexed to inflation! Employee Benefits for Government workers …you bet and better than the private sector can afford! An armed forces administrative bureaucracy in Ottawa that out-numbers our standing army! A $500,000 income tax break for George Radwanski, a Chretien pal. (Clearly the rules cited above do not apply when you have the right pals) $1,000,000 to a Liberal Senator’s company to rent the unoccupied half of a building and another chunk of money to renovate the rented space they’re not using! The Sponsorship Program!! The Gun Registry!!! Shall I go on??

And for all this “good service", that is of such ‘benefit’, the Feudal Masters DEMAND the average man or woman in Canada provide a level of accountability far exceeding accountability offered in return …of course when you have the big stick, you can do that!

Who works for whom in Canada? Ahh yes, those with no stick work for those who have the big sticks! And if you had a stick the Masters would establish a new bureaucracy called the “Stick Registry” just to make sure they know who has the sticks they might need to watch out for. And you’d be forced to pay more tax to pay for the Stick Registry!

In 1950, the Supreme Court of Canada heard an interesting case …It was called the Lord Nelson Hotel Case. The case was between the Attorney Generals of Nova Scotia and of Canada. At issue was whether the federal government could legally or lawfully tax income directly – which was a right exclusively given to the Provinces in the BNA Act – The court unanimously decided that the feds could NOT have that power legally, nor could the province legally or lawfully transfer that power to the feds! In other words, the feds were collecting income taxes unlawfully! Now, if an average man or woman were told they were not allowed (by law) to do a certain thing, and continued to do it anyway, that man or woman would be in contempt of court …and punished accordingly!

Apparently those rules don’t apply to the self-appointed (elected) masters! Since about 1963 the "Federal Government of Canada" has been operating IN CONTEMPT of THE SUPREME COURT of CANADA which, in the Lord Nelson Hotel case, ORDERED the "federal government" to remove itself from the business of unlawfully collecting income taxes!

That alone is interesting especially when you take into account that the BNA Act was effectively nullified in 1931 when the Statute of Westminster was signed and Canada was released from any and all British influence, including British Laws and/or Acts (i.e. BNA)! Since then Canada has not created a duly framed and ratified constitution. However, Ottawa trots out the BNA Act when convenient …but ignores it when its not convenient …i.e. the Lord Nelson Hotel case!

Anglo Saxon Common Law and the Magna Carta were supposed to protect us from the abuses and excesses of government …but for that to work, governments must acknowledge the existence and responsibility of both …which is not the case in Canada …the Feudal System works much better for their purposes, and here we are, fellow Serfs ...just serfs!

See you next time!
The Serf

Was That Jack LAYTON ...or Jack LAYDOWN?

Jack was nimble

and Jack did dash
to trade his ethics
for some Liberal cash!

What if Jack were a policeman? And what if Jack the policeman suddenly began colluding with the neighbourhood crime family provided they were to turn over some cash to Jack the policeman’s favourite cause?

Answer: Jack the policeman would find himself under criminal investigation for it …Jack would be immediately suspended …and Jack would find that aiding and abetting, even for what he thinks is a good cause, makes him as bad as the bad guys! To Jack it seems OK to support a blatantly corrupt organization as long as he is getting a piece of the action!

To think that the NDP bill themselves as Canada’s ‘moral guardians’, our ‘ethical supervisors’ and the country’s ‘voice of social conscience’! Jack’s willingness to support an utterly corrupt government in exchange for some grand NDP ideal is absolutely no different than Liberals excusing fraud, extortion, misappropriation of funds, theft and other criminal activities because of some grand plan they had!

Once again we see the same old double standard coming out of Ottawa …what is an offense if an 'ordinary person' perpetrates it is justifiable if government does so because they’re government! How feudal is that? The Lords and Masters write what ever rules suits them best, but the peasants below must comply, conform and adhere …or else.

How does this keep happening? How can they continue getting away with it? Well, its easy to blame Easterners for continually putting such people in office, but the real reason is that we have no effective control over government at a far more fundamental level. There are no firm rules that governments feel obliged to live by, and that is particularly true when any semblance of a rule happens to interfere with political objectives.

Why don’t we have proper rules?

Answer: Because we have been denied the opportunity to exercise our rights as free people to democratically draft and approve an actual constitution, which is a set of rules that governs governments.

How did that happen?

Answer: Because after the Statute of Westminster was signed in 1931, which set us completely free of ANY sort of British rule or governance, successive governments have FAILED to provide the means for us to do so. Anything you have read or heard about a “Canadian Constitution” is a snow job that relies heavily on the average Canadians’ ignorance of our own history. The power brokers at the top have not wanted to trust their futures to the will and wisdom of the people! We have been denied the opportunity to decide our own circumstances and destiny because those who deem themselves our betters and masters do not want to give up any of the power to use and abuse that they currently enjoy.

“Feudalism” is the theme of this blog …issues such as this one particularly underscore that true “democracy” is not ours. Since the moment of our defacto freedom (1931) from domination as colonies of the British, we have been TOLD (not asked) what we can have, how we can have it and so on by people who cling to the assumption of power and governance, but in fact have no constitutional authority (or framework) to do so.

There are many confusing stories presented over the years and the Pierre Trudeau repatriation one is a whopper.

As of 1931 nobody but us, you and I, the collective body have had the right to decide what our form over governance shall be …by virtue of drafting and ratifying a democratically accepted constitution. The feudal lords have denied us that, and we have become defacto serfs and peasants.

The only Province that has come remotely close to operating as it should, politically, is British Columbia. The Campbell government encouraged the formation of a Citizen Assembly to decide how elections should be conducted in BC. Good for Campbell!

This is EXACTLY the process that should have been set in motion right away in 1931. Citizen Assemblies from each province meeting to draft a Constitution …then putting it to the test in a referendum. That way we, not those who would like to dominate and control us, have established the rules and have become the masters of our own land and our own national destiny.

Once we have done so, if we are ever “allowed” to to so … guys like Jack won’t have the opportunity to barter collusion for favours.

Till Next Time
The Serf

Friday, April 22, 2005

Shipping Magnate turns 'Bullet Magnet'

The Dithering Duke Paul Martin pleads for his political life on national radio and television in a time-buying effort …begging for a reprieve, one more chance and for credibility because he says they deserve it. HUH???

The words were barely out of his mouth and on the airwaves when opposition leaders of all stripes took snipers’ aim and began focusing their sights …sizing up the target and assessing the best moment to pull the trigger of what will be the ‘kill shot’ for a scandal ridden, tired, arrogant and self-serving Liberal Party of Canada.

Central to Duke Paul’s pleas was an appeal to wait for due process, wait to see what was proven and therefore wait for Judge Gomrey’s decision before passing judgment and taking action against him and his government. No doubt that resonated with a lot of people because Canadians, generally, like to be a fair and even-handed lot.

This particular serf thought “what a lovely double standard (among many others) for the PM to be espousing” when his own hind-quarters are at risk! I further thought about how any politician who loses his job over this in the next election will at least have a pay cheque for the rest of his or her life on the parliamentary pension plan. Nice buffer for malfeasance! The double standard that occurred to me most readily concerns the treatment of serf-level Canadians at the hands of the CCRA. You see, the CCRA can seize income, bank accounts and property based on nothing more than their own suspicions and/or estimates …no proof required, just a rubber-stamped internal document needed for them to take direct action. (Guilty til proven innocent?)

People’s lives have been ruined on account of it, and there is nothing even remotely resembling “due process” involved before, during and after. Even on those occasions where CCRA is proved wrong, the damage (often permanent) has already been done, and the victims have no instant, livable, life-long pension available to them to cushion the blow!

So as the Dithering Duke pleads for compassion, forbearance, patience and the time to allow for ‘due process’, he begs for that which the government does not give in return. (Unless, of course, you’re a pal of the PM with a half-million dollar tax problem!) That is certainly as much a double standard as it is when privileged politicians and bureaucrats avail themselves of private medical attention while forcing (even intimidating) the serf-class to stand in line (painfully) in a failing, mismanaged public health care system!

Using the CCRA model of operation …since that is the example government sets through its own daily actions year after year (a precedent) …is it not then entirely reasonable to boot them out of office now on the basis of what we have already seen and heard in ‘evidence’? Certainly we, the people (serfs), could be making an electoral decision based on far more credible fact than the CCRA usually works with …so the government still gets cut a break …damn it!

Where there is smoke there is fire, it is said. The smoke coming from the Gomrey Inquiry just so far probably qualifies for Kyoto credits and should be sufficient for anyone to understand that the corruption and criminality extended into the highest of offices. All Gomrey will be doing from here on in is filling in the details of who, how and when …NOT determining the ‘if”.

Looking at this whole mess leaves one to wonder if the Liberals have (over time) intentionally watered-down the justice system and encouraged ‘jail as a last resort’ just in case they and their cronies were ever caught …as they now have!

No doubt a lot more will come out of the AdScam inquiries …and its reasonable to assume it will get thicker, stinkier and more outrageous along the way. It would be pure fantasy to speculate that as the inquiry continues, concludes and sums up, that the Liberal party and the governments it has formed will be vindicated, exonerated or excused.

Therefore, why wait? Lets get an election over with and put in place a government with a clean track record (outside of the “national disaster” bleating of Liberal fear-mongering) sooner rather than later. Doing so should also provide a bonus that no one involved with this scandal, right from Lord Chretien down, will be exempt from criminal prosecution just because they still have allies who can pull the right strings …particularly with seven former lawyers who will no doubt be the poster boys for the next level of scandal to be exposed from the sordid “Chretien years”.

Till next time!
The Serf!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Crisis? …What Crisis?

Harvard Scholar says scandal is propelling Canada
toward a new “Constitutional Crisis”

Look up, fellow serfs …look way up at the hallowed halls of academia …that’s a place where people smarter than us hang out and think up things that are apparently good for us!

Have you ever heard of a smart guy (scholar) named Michael Ignatieff? If you do, you’d be wise to fear …fear greatly for Canada and yourselves! Why? Because he is being described by some as “the next Pierre Trudeau”. Now for those of you who are too young, or who have been had your memories affected due to tax burnout, scandal outrage or just good old stress, lets review some history.

Pope Pierre is revered by the Liberal cult as a deity and prophet. He is remembered as the one who climbed Mount Blue, draped in red robes of course, and while atop the mountain conferred with himself and scribed a Charter of Rights for the people. Afterward he descended the mountain, parted the waters of the Rideau Canal and placed his commandments smugly before the people.

And ever since the people have paid dearly for Pope Pierre’s commiseration with himself and for the charter he hung around their necks. A charter that enshrines the rights of the guilty over victims but in doing so at least provides the lawyers of the land with great financial opportunity. Pope Pierre also took it upon himself to ‘patriate’ a Canadian constitution that never existed, with the cooperation of a monarch who did not legitimately reign over Canada.

Pope Pierre made plain his disdain for us -- the unwashed Serfs -- who are (according to him) unable to decide things for ourselves …and therefore decided it was up to him and his chosen ones to make decisions for us. Perhaps this is the origin of his PET name ‘Pappa Pierre’. His was not an entirely new attitude amongst Canadian Politicians however. Since 1931 politicians have decided amongst themselves that the people (us) should not play a part in deciding our own circumstances and future …an attitude that has lead us to the national problems of a ‘constitutional nature’ we have wrestled with ever since.

Pierre Trudeau's repatriated Constitution Act of 1982 is a void contract for want of Quebec's signature and for want of ratification by the People of Canada. The Constitution is law from the people unto the government; not a body of laws from government unto the People. The 1950 Supreme Court decision [1950] also said that the Constitution belongs to the People, not to the Provinces or to the Federal Government. In his arrogance, Trudeau forgot that minor detail.

Pope Pierre, however, carried the attitude to new levels of insufferable arrogance. This alone makes the arrogance of Liberal politicians more understandable since they so revere Pope Pierre, the Spiritual Leader of the Liberal Cult! It also explains why the Liberal Cult is so convinced that they own the right to ‘govern’ and all the public funds in the treasury.

Among Pappa Pierre’s other notable 'accomplishments' were his membership in the communist party and the distinction of being he whose death prompted Fidel Castro to step outside Cuba for the first time in decades wearing a suit instead of battle fatigues. (Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are!) But most notably Pope Pierre’s feelings about the thoughts of the people were exhibited most poignantly on the day he answered the concerns of Canadians with a middle finger turned upward as an answer to them. How pompous and arrogant!

One of Pope Trudeau’s closest boot-lickers was none other than the reviled Lord Jean Chretien, who wanted to name a mountain after his idol. That alone speaks for itself …especially since naming a crater after him would have been more accurate! Then again, Lord Jean and his vassals have a problem with accuracy!

Do we need another Pierre Trudeau? Or do we need someone who realizes that it is HE who is the servant of the people …not the other way around. Sorry Michael …your Trudeau-like persona is not good for the future of this country despite your Harvard digs and ejumucation! Furthermore a smart guy like you should have figured out that to have a "constitutional crisis" would require the existence of a 'constitution' ...which there isn't.

It stands to reason that the best person to entrust the best interests of average people to is someone who knows what its like to be average …from being there, not just studying it in Theoretical Social Engineering 101 at school.

We’re people down here …not lab rats!

Short rant …
The Serf

Rather than Gagliano – Sew his lips shut!

Behold what manner of man is this
who spews self-serving hypothesis?

Alfonso Gagliano …a wanna be elder statesman … recently eschewed his dire warnings for the future of Canada in the Ottawa Citizen. ‘The BQ will sweep Quebec!’ …’PQ will sink Charest!’ …’Goodbye Canada’ …’Quebec will call a referendum and it will be all over for us!!’

It would seem the Noble Nimrod Gagliano is saying, between the lines’ that this is all going to happen because he and Lord Jean (la Weasel) Chretien were caught red handed, and because the Dithering Duke Paul Martin called for an inquiry that has exposed the depth and breadth of Liberal infamy. He further appears to imply that ‘if only he and his ilk had been left alone to continue their fraudulent schemes that all would have been OK’ …so shame on us for our anger and outrage over their little AdScam program …after all, it was only a couple hundred million of someone else’s dollars! Isn’t that a small price to pay to keep Quebec?

A hundred million dollars (or more) which the excusists and apologist spin meisters refer to as “a drop in the bucket” relative to overall federal spending! Proportionally that may be factual. However, perhaps we should personalize those millions a little and realize that those dollars were TAKEN largely from those who could little afford to part with money just for the sake of bribing Quebec! Who were those people? For example they were and are;

  • Children who went without adequate nutrition because the family’s after-tax budget was so sparse.

  • Seniors who still get taxed and who live on pensions for life-long work that are pocket change compared to the pensions politicians have generously awarded themselves with tax dollars.

  • People who were struggling to keep a mortgage paid once they’d been taxed and over deducted.

  • People who had to forego medical and dental work because their after-tax dollars wouldn’t stretch far enough.

  • People who damaged their health with the stress involved with keeping households and families afloat after being taxed to death.

  • Homeless people who could have been helped with those diverted tax dollars.

  • Military personnel who could have had better equipment.

  • Under-staffed RCMP detachments struggling to stay on top of growing crime because the government-directed judiciary won’t take them off the streets.

  • etc. etc. etc.… victims of CRIME as surely someone mugged by a repeat offender!

It’s doubtful any of those people would consider a hundred million dollars plus “a drop in the bucket!!” …and let us not forget that the money is question is just what we know about and could be just the tip of an iceberg! And of course, we won’t even consider the additional usual waste such as a thoroughly bloated bureaucracy and pet projects such as gun registries!

Now, about that frightening specter of Quebec separation, and the vote-bullying it has provided for governments over time …it’s the biggest, most long-standing hoax perpetrated in this ‘country’s’ history! How is that possible? Two simple facts explain it.

  1. Since 1931 (Statute of Westminster), when the 1867 “confederation was dissolved & nullified, the Provinces of Canada have never formed a lawful union of any sort (nor written a national constitution) with the consent or ratification of the ‘Canadian’ people (see the ‘democracy article) and therefore Quebec has never faced any obstacle (legal or otherwise) to operate distinctly on it’s own. Following that …

  2. On November 23, 1976 a letter was sent to Premier Rene Levesque (Quebec’s Patron Saint of Separation) right after his election. The letter was from Walter F. Kuhl (MP Jasper-Edson 1935 – 1949) and in that letter Mr. Levesque was provided with all the documentation necessary (including the details of the above) which would have allowed him to take Quebec on its own immediately and without repercussion. With that proof in hand, Mr. Levesque did NOTHING …because the threat of Quebec separation, held over the heads of an uninformed public who were (are) under-informed, gullible and all too willing to just believe what spills out of politicians at a podium, was just TOO BIG A CASH COW to walk away from …something that has been proven over and again between cash transfers (legitimate and fraudulent) in addition to all the special considerations not extended to any other province.

Skeptical, oh fellow feudal serfs? If so simply do a little homework and read the Official Record of House of Commons Debates …Hansard. The edition you will want to read is November 8th, 1945 where Mr. Kuhl addressed Parliament with all the facts.

Tonight, the Dithering Duke Paul Martin will take to the air waves in an attempt to convince Canada that he’s OK, they’re OK and if we’ll let them keep their jobs WE will be OK too …and will explain to us the Big ‘C’ corruption is preferable to Little ‘C’ Conservatives.

Can’t you just image how the speech will start out? …

“Good evening my fellow Easterners …ohhh, ummm …I meant CANADIANS …NO I really DID mean Canadians …someone changed my speech when I wasn’t looking …I don’t know who it was and its not my job to check my own speeches! ….”

And on and on and on it goes because we all know where the vote-rich seats are!

Till Next Time
Your Modern Feudal Serf!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Confeder ...What? Confeder ...Who?

If only we serfs were as interested in our own history as we are in that of our southern cousins! Somehow I think we live rather vicariously through them
...yet are jealous of them at the same time!

Must be the 'Canadian identity schism' that’s grown from the lowly hyphen ...[Whatever]-Canadian ...much as a lowly virus causes Bird Flu ...the consequences either way are weakness and sickness (not to mention the fact that we're getting plucked along the way!) But I digress!

Let me tell you, fellow Serfs, it's no accident that we are so divided amongst ourselves. Our Masters long ago figured out that to secure their grasp on the throne firmly, it was imperative that the peasant class (us) spend more time suspecting and quarreling with each other than keeping an eye on the ruling class, their vassals and cohorts!

So along came the hyphen, wrapped in a shiny package, tied with a big red bow, labeled “Multiculturalism Canada” ...'divide and dominate' perhaps? Behold the peasant class arguing amongst themselves about who is getting more or less goodies, attention, consideration, rights, favours and recognition, to mention a few. Thank goodness for the Charter of Rights …the document written for us and handed down from on-high by the Great Prophet Trudeau – because it clarifies issues and solves all this bickering so efficiently!

I must concede that we serfs of Canada have a good excuse therein for not closely studying the history of the land ...we're too pre-occupied defending our future needs to explore the facts of history that would explain the difficulties of tomorrow ...another schism!

Well at least it's our own schism! However, the downside is that we are not paying attention to what is, and what has over a long time, been going on right beneath our noses. On those rare occasions when we have questioned something, more often than not our Masters have told us its ‘none of our business’, and that we should just ‘toil quietly and pay the taxes due to our Masters on time!’

We operate today, and everyday, in accordance with a false understanding of our own history, and particularly about who the real masters are …namely us, the ones who now fulfill the role of ‘feudal serfs!’

We believe that Elizabeth is the Queen of Canada and that Adrienne is her proxy. We believe we have a Constitution. We believe we live in a democracy where we (the people) have some say in how this country operates, and in what direction it is developing. All false beliefs!

How could Elizabeth be our Queen (let alone Adrienne her proxy) when England sent us off on our own in 1931, and gave us our complete independence from them when the Statute of Westminster was signed? The Statute of What? You ask! Its a small piece of paper … with huge power …our power.

Where is the “Canadian Constitution” we hear about? What document is that? When was it written and by whom? Some insist it’s what used to be called the British North America (BNA) Act. There’s some twisted history for you … because the BNA was canceled, along with English rule, right there in the Statute of Westminster as well! Since that time, scour history as much as you like, there is no record of the people of Canada drafting and approving an actual constitution!

All of which addresses the third falsehood … What democracy? In a democracy the people write and collectively ratify the rules (a constitution) …then elected ‘employees’ live by those rules! That’s the way a “democracy” works …should work. Not in Canada apparently.

The “rules” have been written along the way by those for whom the ballot tolls ...the politicians. And since we have never written or ratified a constitution since 1931, we have never given ‘government’ a set of rules to operate within on our behalves. Consequently, the politicians have done this “for us” (for themselves more correctly) along the way … rules handed down by a small cadre of people claiming power and governance are hardly ‘democracy’.

Perhaps this explains the accountability deficit that is rampant in ‘government’ …not to mention the abuses. Perhaps it explains why ‘representation’ is so skewed regionally. It definitely explains why we are the serfs …because we have allowed this situation to occur over time through gullibility, through ignorance of our own history, and through apathy about gathering together and taking control of the situation … but then again, we do have those hyphens to keep us busy!

So here we have our feudal land …we can’t truly own what’s under our feet, we can’t keep but a small portion of the fruits of our labour, and we have no say about being fleeced, nickeled and dimed or paying taxes on tax because there is no real penalty for anything our masters foist upon us. No surprise there ..they wrote the rules for themselves …and we serfs are expected to just be quiet, orderly and to remit to Caesar (accurately and on time) lest we be figuratively flogged by the minions of they who wrote the rules. No democracy here!

See you next time
The Modern Serf

The Feudal Serf - An introduction

This is a site is all about commentary… political commentary. You may wonder where the title "Feudal Serf" comes into it. The answer is because our ‘democracy’ is more a word than an actual fact.

The average person believes we have a genuine democracy, and believes that having a ballot in his or her hand every so many years proves it. The only thing it really proves is that we have the ‘appearance’ of a democracy … whereas in the real world our democracy more resembles a feudal system!

I heard the gasp at my heresy, so instead of just taking my words at face value, read how feudalism is described and explained by the experts, then re-read my statement and see how you feel about it then!

As we are (in reality) a feudal society for all intents and purposes, we, the common people, are relegated to be spectators more so than participants in the development of our society, and in the day to day management of our national, regional and local affairs!

Our ‘elected’ bodies and individuals have elevated themselves from the position of ‘elected office’ to that of ‘lord and master’, and we, the feudal serfs, are told to shut up and pay up. We are expected to supplicate to those who are actually nothing more than our elected ‘employees’, and gratefully accept that which they deem we are entitled to have, keep, own or do. So much for Anglo-Saxon Common Law and the Magna Carta!!

Our ‘elected employees’ and their vassals (the civil service) – considering themselves our betters – disregard laws, falsify books and espouse blatant falsehoods routinely. Furthermore they demand levels of accountability from the ‘serf class’ (their de facto employers) that far exceeds any degree of accountability they are prepared to provide in return … to their employers. Who works for whom?

With this in mind, this web site turns it’s eyes upon the everyday news that leaves most of us shaking our heads and wondering;

  • Who do they (governments of all stripe) think they are?
  • What on earth were they thinking?
  • Do they expect us to actually believe that? and
  • What are they really up to?

…just to name just a few of the routine questions that pop up as we spectators watch in horror the abuses and inanities of those we hire to manage our national, regional and local affairs.

Welcome Fellow Serfs to our modern feudal society!

The Serf