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Monday, October 17, 2005

Become a Co-Conspirator


The Tesla Conspiracy

Gas prices are at record highs and the price of crude oil is only going up. The cost of electricity is skyrocketing, making it nearly impossible for most people to keep cool and safe during the blistering hot months of summer. Winter will be here soon and many won't be able to afford the outrageous cost of heating oil. We are teetering on a global energy crisis.

What would you say if I told you that for almost 100 years the technology has been available to provide the world with nearly free energy, an energy source that was self- renewing and virtually harmless to the environment? What would you say if I told you oil and energy companies were conspiring to keep these technologies away from us so that they can make maximum profits, regardless of the suffering it caused?

Would it make you mad?

Would it make you mad enough to do something about it?

Who was Nikola Tesla?

Nikola Tesla, born 1856, was an unusually brilliant inventor and engineer of Serbian descent who came to the United States at the age of 28.

Though too many to list, some of his greatest accomplishments were things like:

  1. Creating Alternating Current (AC) (1887)
  2. Designing the first electrical generating plants on the Niagara (1896)
  3. Taking the first X-ray images (1891)
  4. Creating neon and fluorescent lighting (1891-2)
  5. Being the real inventor of broadcast radio
  6. Fathering the science of robotics

What was the Tesla Conspiracy then?

The historical conspiracy associated with Nikola Tesla started at the time of his death. In 1901, Tesla patented a device that could draw electricity directly from the atmosphere. In a documented experiment for the Pierce Motor Car Company in 1931, Tesla built that technology into a vehicle that could run continuously on this free electricity.

Directly after his death, agents of the United States Government raided Nikola Tesla's living quarters and prevented his family from entering. Later, when his family was allowed access to Nikola’s room, it was reported by his family that all of his technical writings and research had been confiscated.

Over the years, many brave and creative souls have endeavored to recreate the many different works of Tesla. A great number of those people have been threatened, have had their work and property destroyed, and in some cases, have disappeared or died.

What is the Tesla Conspiracy today?

The Tesla Conspiracy of today is a fictional feature film that endeavors to expose a far-reaching conspiracy being perpetrated by various oil and power companies to suppress the possible surfacing of any of the alternative energy technologies created by Nikola Tesla, technologies that would create incredibly inexpensive and reliable energy.

“Why,” you ask?

Good old-fashioned greed is why!

Over the course of the last three years, the producer of the Tesla Conspiracy has worked diligently to bring to light the truth of what is happening with regards to the energy crisis in America and throughout the world. For the last three years, numerous investors have shown ecstatic interest and support for the Tesla Conspiracy. Strangely enough though, many of these investors have, abruptly and without reason, pulled their support of the movie. The producer has been told on several occasions that “THEY” would never let him make this movie.

Well, those who we can call “THEY” have sorely underestimated the tenacity of this filmmaker. “THEY” have under estimated all of you.

The producer of the Tesla Conspiracy has decided to take this film to the people to show the power structure that “WE” will not be kept in the dark. We will not be slaves to the gas pump or the generator. We are offering all of you the opportunity to conspire against the people who have for so long conspired against you.

How do you become a Co-Conspirator against the power and oil companies?

For a minimum contribution of $5.00, your name will be credited on the Tesla Conspiracy website as a Co-Conspirator.

After the film’s completion and release, the producer of the Tesla Conspiracy will host a series of events/concerts at various locations in the United States and possibly abroad as a show of appreciation for all who contributed/participated.

After you participate it is imperative that you contact every single person you know and get them to participate as well and then for them to get everyone they know to do the same!

Regardless of whether you’re an environmentalist who wants to save the Planet from the damaging effect of oil consumption, or a conservative who is tired of dependency on foreign energy sources, we can all agree that the United States and the world at large need a new energy policy and the technology to go with it. We can all agree that it is ridiculous to pay $3.00 for a gallon of gas or $300.00 for a month’s worth of electricity.

Even if you can only spare a couple of bucks for the cause, do it, IT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Thought you might like to know this

Til next revelation
The Serf

PS: is the address where you can arrange to donate money or assistance to this worthy cause!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Got Gas Enough?

REPRINTED for your enjoyment

The Myth Of Peak Oil

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones | October 12 2005

Peak oil is a scam designed to create artificial scarcity and jack up prices while giving the state an excuse to invade our lives and order us to sacrifice our hard-earned living standards.

Publicly available CFR and Club of Rome strategy manuals from 30 years ago say that a global government needs to control the world population through neo-feudalism by creating artificial scarcity. Now that the social architects have de-industrialized the United States, they are going to blame our economic disintegration on lack of energy supplies.

Globalization is all about consolidation. Now that the world economy has become so centralized through the Globalists operations, they are going to continue to consolidate and blame it on the West's "evil" overconsumption of fossil fuels, while at the same time blocking the development and integration of renewable clean technologies.

In other words, Peak oil is a scam to create artificial scarcity and drive prices up. Meanwhile, alternative fuel technologies which have been around for decades are intentionally suppressed.

Peak oil is a theory advanced by the elite, by the oil industry, by the very people that you would think peak oil would harm, unless it was a cover for another agenda. Which from the evidence of artificial scarcity being deliberately created, the reasons for doing so and who benefits, it’s clear that peak oil is a myth and it should be exposed for what it is. Another excuse for the Globalists to seize more control over our lives and sacrifice more American sovereignty in the meantime.

The lies of artificial scarcity

The crux of the issue is that if oil was plentiful in areas in which we are being told by the government and the oil companies that it is not, then we have clear evidence that artificial scarcity is being simulated in order to drive forward a myriad of other agendas. And we have concrete examples of where this has happened.

Three separate internal confidential memos from Mobil, Chevron and Texaco have been obtained by The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.

These memos outline a deliberate agenda to gouge prices and create artificial scarcity by limiting capacities of and outright closing oil refineries. This was a nationwide lobbying effort led by the American Petroleum Institute to encourage refineries to do this.

An internal Chevron memo states; "A senior energy analyst at the recent API convention warned that if the US petroleum industry doesn't reduce its refining capacity it will never see any substantial increase in refinery margins."

The Memos make clear that blockages in refining capacity and opening new refineries did not come from environmental organizations, as the oil industry claimed, but via a deliberate policy of limitation and price gouging at the behest of the oil industry itself.

The mystery of Eugene Island 330 and self-renewing oil supplies

Eugene Island is an oil field in the gulf of Mexico, 80 miles off the coast of Louisiana. It was discovered in 1973 and began producing 15,000 barrels of oil a day which then slowed to about 4,000 barrels in 1989.

But then for no logical reason whatsoever, production spiked back up to 13,000 barrels a day.

What the researchers found when they analyzed the oil field with time lapse 3-D seismic imaging is that there was an unexplained deep fault in the bottom corner of the computer scan, which showed oil gushing in from a previously unknown deep source and migrating up through the rock to replenish the existing supply.

Furthermore, the analysis of the oil now being produced at Eugene Island shows that its age is geologically different from the oil produced there after the refinery first opened. Suggesting strongly that it is now emerging from a different, unexplained source.

The last estimates of probable reserves shot up from 60 million barrels to 400 million barrels.

Both the scientists and geologists from the big oil companies have seen the evidence and admitted that the Eugene Island oil field is refilling itself.

This completely contradicts peak oil theory and with technology improving at an accelerating pace it seems obvious that there are more Eugene Islands out there waiting to be discovered. So the scientific community needs to embrace these possibilities and lobby for funding into finding more of these deep source replenishing oilfields.

The existence of self-renewing oil fields shatters the peak oil myth. If oil is a naturally replenishing inorganic substance then how can it possibly run out?

The future of oil

This year in particular we have seen a strong hike in oil prices and are being told to simply get used to it because this is the way it is going to be. In the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita gas prices have shot up amid claims of vast energy shortages. Americans are being asked to turn off lights, change thermostat settings, drive slower, insulate homes and take other steps. Meanwhile the oil companies continue to make record profits.

Flying in the face of the so called peak oil crisis are the facts. If we are running out of oil so quickly then why are reserves being continually increased and production skyrocketing?

In the 1980s OPEC decided to switch to a quota production system based on the size of reserves. The larger the reserves a country said it had the more it could pump.

Earlier this year Saudi Arabia reportedly increased its crude reserves by around 200 billion barrels. Saudi oil Is secure and plentiful, say officials.

“These huge reserves enable the Kingdom to remain a major oil producer for between 70 and 100 years, even if it raises its production capacity to 15 million barrels per day, which may well happen during the next 15 years,”

Is this the normal course of behavior if we are currently at the peak for oil production? The answer is no, it's the normal course of action for increasing production.

There have also been reports that Russia has vastly increased its reserves even beyond those of Saudi Arabia. Why would they do this if they believed there would be no more oil to get hold of? It seems clear that Russia is ready for unlimited future production of oil.

There is a clear contradiction between the peak oil theory and the continual increase in oil reserves and production.

New untapped oil sources are being discovered everywhere on earth. The notion that there are somehow only a few sources that the West is trying to monopolize is a complete myth, promulgated by those raking in the massive profits. After all how do you make huge profits from something available in abundance?

A Wall Street Journal article by Peter Huber and Mark Mills describes how the price of oil remains high because the cost of oil remains so low. We are not dependent on the middle east for oil because the world's supplies are diminishing, it is because it is more profitable to tap middle east supplies. Thus the myth of peak oil is needed in order to silence the call for tapping the planet's other plentiful reserves.

Richard Branson has even stated his intention to set up his own refinery because the price of oil is artificially being kept high whilst new sources are not being explored and new refineries not being built.

"Opec is effectively an illegal cartel that can meet happily, nobody takes them to court," Branson has said. "They collude to keep prices high."

So if more refineries were built and different resources tapped, the oil prices would come down and the illegal cartel OPEC would see profits diminish. It is no wonder then that the argument for peak oil is so appealing to OPEC. If no one invests to build refineries because they don't believe there is enough oil, then who benefits? OPEC and the oil elites of course.

It seems that every time there is some kind of energy crisis, OPEC INCREASES production. The remarkable thing about this is that they always state that they are doing it to ease prices, yet prices always shoot up because they promulgate the myth that they are putting some of their last reserves into the market. Analysts seem confused and always state that they don't believe upping production will cut prices.

In a recent report the International Monetary Fund projected that global demand for oil by 2030 would reach 139 million barrels a day, a 65 percent increase.

"We should expect to live with high and volatile oil prices," said Raghuram Rajan, the IMF's chief economist. "In short, it's going to be a rocky road going forward."

Yet independent analysts and even some within OPEC seem to believe that the demand for oil is diminishing. Why the contradiction?

The peak oil and demand myth is peddled by the establishment-run fake left activist groups, OPEC and globalist arms such as the IMF.

Rolling Stone magazine even carried an article in its April issue heavily biased towards making people believe the peak oil lie.

The Scientific evidence also flies in the face of the peak oil theory. Scientific research dating back over a hundred years, more recently updated in a Scientific Paper Published In 'Energia' suggests that oil is abiotic, not the product of long decayed biological matter. Oil, for better or for worse, is not a non-renewable resource. It, like coal, and natural gas, replenishes from sources within the mantle of earth.

No coincidence then that the Russians, who pioneered this research have pumped expenditure into deep underground oil excavation.

We have previously scientifically exposed the scam behind peak oil. Here is a 1 hour+ audio clip featuring Alex Jones' comments on peak oil and then the analysis of respected scientific commentator Dr. Nick Begich who presents evidence to suggest the idea of Peak oil is artificial.

A dangerous fallout precedent being set is that people on both the left and right believe wars are being fought in order to tap the last reserves of oil on the planet. The "coalition of the willing", whoever they may be for any given war, will not pay particular attention to refuting this claim because it allows them a reason to start and continue said war.

Even though many will see it as immoral, many will subconsciously attach it as a reason for the war. In reality the war is purely for profit, power and control, oil can be a part of that, but only if the peak oil claim is upheld.

If we continue to let the corrupt elite tell us we are wholly dependent on oil, we may reach a twisted situation whereby they can justify starvation and mass global poverty, perhaps even depopulation, even within the western world due to the fact that our energy supplies are finished.

Peak oil is just another weapon the globalists have in their arsenal to move towards a new world order where the elite get richer and everyone else falls into line.


Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson join George Noory for a Coast to Coast AM 3 hour discussion on the overwhelming evidence that 'peak oil' scenarios are fabricated to raise the cost of fossil fuels. Below is a categorized archive of the information supporting this conclusion.


Evidence of the Creation of Artificial Scarcity by the Oil Industry

Group: Internal memos show oil companies limited refineries to drive up prices

Internal Mobil Memo Showing Effort to Reduce Refining Capacity

Internal Texaco Memo Showing Effort to Reduce Refining Capacity

Internal Chevron Memo Showing Effort to Reduce Refining Capacity

Information from LA Times report on Shell deliberately creating artificial scarcity at Bakersfield California refinery

Shell Oil, Price Manipulation, and the Fleecing of Americans


The Mystery of Eugene Island 330 and Abiotic Oil

Wall Street Journal: Odd Reservoir Off Louisiana Prods
Oil Experts to Seek a Deeper Meaning

Sustainable oil?

The mystery of eugene island 330


Further Information on Abiotic, Self-Renewing Oil

Scientific Evidence Debunks Peak Oil Hoax

Russian Scientific Papers on Abiotic Origins of Oil & Related Research

Russia's Oil Boom After Discovering Abiotic Oil

Sustainable Oil? -- v. Peak Oil

Colonel Fletcher Prouty said oil as fossil fuel "Right out of the Rockefeller bible."


Who Is Promoting Peak Oil? The Global Elite

The ultra-elite Bilderberg Group expressed their desire that peak oil would provide a justification for a UN global tax on the oil pump.

The ultra-elite Bilderberg Group stated in May that oil prices would double.

The world in the palm of their hands: Bilderberg 2005, Part II

How Long Will the Oil Age Last? The Club of Rome, a nonprofit global think tank, said in the 1970s that we'd hit peak oil in 2003. It didn't happen.

The Club of Rome consulted with Kissinger before he issued his 1974 depopulation manifesto to President Carter. The plan calls for creating artificial food scarcity in order to depopulate the third world.

Colonel Fletcher Prouty said oil as fossil fuel "Right out of the Rockefeller bible."

Commentary on the Myth of Peak Oil

Peak Oil is a Corrupt Globalist Scam

Is 'Peak Oil' a put on?

Russia Proves 'Peak Oil' is a Misleading Zionist Scam

The Myth of "Peak Oil"

'Peak Oil' Scam Unravels, Oil Reserves Increasing


Oil Company Profits Increasing as Peak Oil Theory Spreads

Some calling profits obscene

Oil industry rides high energy prices to big profits

UK Oil Companies Show Record Profits


Additional Contradictions to Peak Oil

Fears of dwindling oil supply unfounded


Support Our Efforts To Expose Peak Oil

Read more about how crises are manufactured to implement larger agendas in Paul Joseph Watson's book Order Out of Chaos.

Or buy Alex Jones' latest blockbuster DVD, Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State by clicking here.

Become a Prison member and watch all of Alex's documentary films online as well as a plethora of video reports and audio interviews, click here to subscribe.

Couldn't have researched or said it better!
The Serf

PS: Have you been thinking about selling your vote to the Liberals? I'll explain that next time!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What A Shock!

“30 Days” becomes “whenever”

Paul Martin’s ‘promises’ are as thin and useless as those of Jean Chretien when he PROMISED to scrap the GST … is this a surprise?

The Master of Democracy, Truth and Transparent Government PROMISED that a federal election would be called within 30 days of the release of Gomrey’s report.

Does anyone remember that? Do promises mean anything? Does the fulfillment of a promise (or not) relate to trustworthiness??

Then again, how accustomed are we to seeing ‘podium promises’ fulfilled? Not very, I would say. How typical of the “natural governing party” to offer any ‘carrot’ needed at the moment …with no intention of fulfillment … and with the full confidence that the ‘Canadian memory’ is short enough that it won’t matter if a little time can be bought to disseminate appropriate spin (with public money, of course)!

In a word, a simple word, the performance of Canadian “governance’ is simply this ,,, “DISGUSTING” … follow that ‘DIS’ word with “DIS-honest”, “DIS-ingenuous” and “DIS-service”.

Whenever that ‘promised’ federal election occurs, will we (as a country) be stupid enough to re-elect a dishonest party, lead by someone who has more allegiance to Power Corp, off-shore flags (shipping interests) and Liberal (Communist) puppet-masters than to Canadians as a whole?

(If you have any problem with the word “Communist” just read Pierre Trudeau’s history and book … you’ll educate yourself about the process and also understand why the only time Fidel Castro has left Cuba in over 30 years was to attend Trudeau’s funeral …in a suit & tie (not combat fatigues, no less).

We are seeing a scenario about to repeat itself (again) … Canadians get screwed by those they elect to serve them …Canadians re-elect the screwers because the screwers threaten Canadians with the loss of a social program the screwers invented to buy votes in the first place!

Side Note: “Social Programs” such as ‘health care’ and ‘old-age pensions’ … health care in Canada is a joke …just ask someone who has been seriously ill, needed a hip replacement or heart surgery! Old age pensions? … Do some research and see what the Criminal Code of Canada defines as a “Ponzi Scheme” … seems you or I would go to jail for operating the same ‘program’ as the ‘government’ operates on a day-to-day basis! Double standards …another thing that needs to go!

So here we are in the fall of 2005 when the ‘government’ PROMISED a federal election so the WE (the people) could (should) decide who will manage our federal affairs. And here we are, once again, holding nothing more than a hollow (broken) promise we’re expected to forgive (or forget) after enough excuses and/or spin through the delay process.

Politics as usual …in Canada.

Unfortunately, since we are not a real democracy, we have little to say about this problem … instead we are expected to shut up and listen to those who consider themselves our masters … and then “vote” them back into dictatorship to ‘lead’ us further down the road to ruin.

Notice how (as a distraction) the feds are now announcing financial aid for heating costs …right at the time when a promise is being broken. And while that political largess is being spread around … remember that the most significant portion of fuel costs is federal taxes … those same taxes that (as with most taxes) do NOT go to those purposes they are collected for … how stupid are we to buy into this time after time after time after time!

Liberal tactics to gain and maintain POWER (not service) are to use anything possible as ‘spin”. Last election it was the “aircraft carrier” nonsense …and now, in the fall of 2005 (when an election was promised) heating fuel costs have become the distraction (and carrot) which are expected to buy the votes necessary to cling to power … let’s call it what it is …a blindfold.

So now the promised election of fall 2005 is put off to 2006 (sometime) by the guilty party! … If I robbed a bank; could I determine when I would be tried and judged? Could you? Nope … of course, you and I are ‘expected’ to be far more accountable to those we hire to serve than those servants deem themselves to be accountable to their employers (us)! Does that make any sense at all?

As long as we continue to reward political dishonesty by re-electing dishonest politicians and parties, we cannot expect any improvement in political ethics. As long as we continue to say nothing we cannot expect to ever have a lawfully constituted and controlled government in this country. And as long as things continue as they are, the worse it will progressively get.

Ultimately, the best thing of all would be to abolish the party system and send all independents to Ottawa …independents who are ACCOUNTABLE to their employers (us) not party brass and power brokers.

Til next time
The Serf