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Monday, January 23, 2006

The 2006 Federal Election in Canada

… still a nation of those easily frightened, & those who want a federal nanny.

Results are not all in yet but the critical polls are clear .. gratefully the Liberal Party has been expunged least for a while.

It amazes me that a corrupt, arrogant and power mongering organization can be so successful at buying and intimidating its way into one seat …let alone multiple seats. It’ so blatant … tell me how the Liberal party fought this election on REAL ISSUES (of importance to the nation) versus fighting it on self-serving slander, dis-information and scare-propaganda.

This ‘defeat’ of the Liberals is largely hollow. Canadians who endorsed Liberal candidates in effect endorsed corruption and dishonesty. How do we, as a nation, accept that?

The NDP, lead by a charismatic salesman, faired very well. Interesting. Especially since NDP and Liberal values are so close … big government, big control and big transference of money from those who work and risk to those who feel entitled.

Gilles Duceppe has said tonight that he is willing to work closely with the Conservatives. The Liberals have demonized both Harper and Duceppe. Not a surprise since the Conservatives and the Bloc actually stand on similar principals … though from diverse directions.

Quebec wants what all provinces are entitled to …self-determination, self governance and self sufficiency. More power to them; they are an example ALL provinces should pay close attention to … read some history (or articles on this blog) to understand that.

The Conservatives want smaller, more accountable federal ‘governance’. The aims of their policy are to reduce the redundancies and over-control of Ottawa; to reverse the lax policy in Canada that allows criminals and even terrorists to call their own shots; to make government as accountable to Canadians as Canadians are expected to be to government! Noble motives and clearly anathema to those who want and expect us to be quiet, compliant, cooperative and dutiful to those who have deemed themselves our betters and masters.

Paul Martin said, tonight, that he is out of politics. Not his decision, I’m sure …more so the decision of the so-called ruling elite who pull Liberal strings. That being said, count on seeing a relative unknown named Michael Ignatief slipped into a safe riding and promoted.

He is being touted as the “next Pierre Trudeau”. Harvard educated, Liberally indoctrinated and a frightening prospect for Canada. The LAST thing Canada needs is another ‘Pierre Trudeau’ …the last one left us with enough confusion and grief!

Keep your eye on this blog because I’m going to personally expose and illuminate all and any propaganda the Liberal Party tends to spew to promote this DANGEROUS individual. If you, as a citizen and Canadian, have the least interest in the future of this potentially great country, you will reject and discount any suggestion that the new ‘Trudeau’ is anything more than a looming social cancer that will further suppress and destroy the credibility of this nation.

Thanks to the weakness of some Canadians, the self interest of others, the (taught) dependence of some and the selfishness of those who are too regional to be real Canadians … look forward to another visit to the ballot box way too soon.

Til Next Time Canada

The Serf

Friday, January 20, 2006

The Eve of Political Change in Canada

… and a change in how we think of and define ourselves?

So many of you have come back to my blog regularly over the last month to find nothing new.
There are two reasons why I’ve been silent … one because I wanted my last post to register with as many people as possible, and the other is that because I have not wanted to get caught up in the minutia of political speech & promise making …Dan Murphy can do a lot more with THOSE antics than I ever could! Having said that …

A few days from now we will go (again) to voting stations and cast our ballots …hoping for something better for ourselves and for Canada. I wish us all ‘Good Luck’.

Last time we went there we were all shocked …by the allegations and preliminary information coming out of the Gomery Inquiry into political corruption. The depth, expanse, subterfuge and ramifications of the emerging information and truths were numbing … because we in Canada seem to think that such corruption exists only elsewhere …particularly the USA, according to some … but not in Canada! Hell, we’re so superior that such a thing couldn’t happen here! Right?

How wrong we were.

Now we have a second chance on the 23rd. A second chance to say “NO” to corruption and say “YES” to change from what we’ve been subjected to because some people (deeming themselves as some form of ‘royalty’) seem to think they are entitled to govern …and are therefore “entitled to their (self-given) entitlements …and to spend (and give away) money that you and I work for a lot harder for than they do.

I get a lot of email on account of this blog. I appreciate all of it. One word that comes up (almost always) when I’m being chastised for my thoughts and opinions, is that I’m “partisan”. Well, those critics are right … I certainly AM “partisan” … partisan in favour of Canada and the hard-working, honest, generous and loving people who are the mainstay of our society. So thank you to my critics for the compliment!

Unfortunately such comments weren’t meant so … in reality the implied meaning was that I’m opposed to the “business as usual” attitude that has dominated the civil service (oxymoron) and governance of Canada for far too long, Another reason for some serious changes in this country.

A few days ago, Stephen Harper said something amazingly honest and poignant. I’ll just paraphrase. The issue was how a minority Conservative government could function especially in the face of a Liberally appointed (stacked deck) Senate … and Supreme Court no doubt. Harper’s response was that is would be a good thing that ‘government was subject to checks and balances to avoid future excesses and abuses’.

Read between the lines. The essence of what the LEADER of the party said was that without oversight, government is prone to run amok. No surprise there since we’ve WITNESSED such abuse and deceit progressively throughout the ‘reign’ of the Liberals …the self-proclaimed “natural governing party of Canada”. One I refer so often to as the ‘Naturally Arrogant Party of Canada’.

Throughout this election campaign the most prominent ‘feature’ has been hysterical allegations from Liberal politicians that have less fact and substance than the last round when the hysterical cry was about aircraft carriers that Conservative war-mongers planned to buy with our tax money.

The Naturally Arrogant Party of Canada apparently thinks we’re na├»ve and gullible children … the ‘nanny state’ at its best! But the good news is that Canadians are apparently getting wise to this action!

Ontario has been a bastion the Liberals counted on and have taken for granted … similar to how they figured they could buy off Quebec …ala Gomery Inquiry. Interestingly (since I keep track of these things) since the election launched I’ve seen a HUGE amount of traffic from search engine inquiries (from Ontario & Quebec specifically) where the search term was an inquiry about the corruption and history of corruption of Liberal politicians … and the party in general! Fortunately I have a list of about 200 items that they can peruse to assure themselves. This has been the trend since the outset of the election campaign.

Polls over the last few days support this since they indicate that Ontario & Quebec voters are expressing the same sentiments in surveys. Last election pollsters were embarrassed by being so far off the mark, so one could claim that polls this time are similarly unreliable. Fair comment. However, the Conservative ‘lead’ in this election corresponds with the inquiries I’ve been seeing.

In talking with people or interacting by email I hear that some Canadians are in fear of a Conservative government because of some perceptions from the Mulroney era …. Huh? Who from Mulroney’s circle is still in the ‘game’? The biggest beef with the Mulroney government is the GST from all I see. OK …hang Mulroney on that …in fact, Michael Wilson (Minister of Finance then) said to me personally that the tax didn’t work so well. But did they get a chance to modify and improve that system? NO.

Instead Canadians ditched the Conservatives and elected the Liberals whose PROMISE was to scrap the hated “Mulroney / Wilson” GST tax! They didn’t do so … and while they weren’t doing do Chretien & Martin implemented actions that have fleeced (stolen) billions of dollars via EI over-deductions. The Naturally Arrogant Party spun the tale that it was all for our good … but apparently some advertising firms were actually the beneficiaries of Liberal generosity and largess …at our expense …as always.

We were angry at the Mulroney Conservatives over a tax and because we didn’t like being part of a continental market created by the Free Trade deal. Sure, that has some problems, but what new thing doesn’t have some bugs to work out? Have Liberal Politicians worked out the bugs in over a decade? Nope …but they’ve made political hay blaming Conservatives! Seems to me the Libs have had a lot more time to solve problems than the Conservatives had to adjust their plans. Which is the biggest failure to the public in Canada?

Liberals can scream about the AirBus inquiry alleging that Mulroney was involved … nothing was ever proven, and certainly the body of evidence there is pale compared to the body of evidence via the Gomrey Inquiry!

In fact, Liberals scream that if you disagree with them or happen to like either an American or an American idea/concept, you’re anti-Canadian! (So much for democratic freedom of speech and thought???) IN fact, also, the implication seems to be clear that if you’re anti-Liberal you’re a demon bent on the destruction of Canada and its ideals! (What arrogant and ignorant crap!)

When the Mulroney ‘era’ ended, we were faced with struggling with and open market in North America.

As the Chretien/Martin ‘era’ concludes we’re looking at unresolved trade disputes over softwood lumber, border identification issues due to distrust and a growing international reputation as a “State Sponsor of Terrorism”. ( More on that? Check out the book link to the left.)

Compare that for yourself.

Stephen Harper may look like Star Trek's ‘Mr. Data’, as some have said … but he’s not registering his businesses off-shore (ala Paul Martin), nor is he demanding to give convicted sex-offenders another chance to re-offend by keeping them off a necessary registry ( ala Jean Chretien, because his step son is a convicted sex offender.) Nor has his party subverted hundreds of millions of dollars (ala Sponsorgate) Which is worse?? …Harper not being picturesque to some … or the “old boys” who rip you off, play off shore while YOU pay the freight and risk your children to cover their own deviant ones?

The answer should be obvious!
I asked you, not long ago: “Are you a patriot or a sell out?” On election day we’ll both know the answer to that question. Don’t buy the lies … invest in our future instead.

Til then
The Serf