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Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Billion Canadian Dollars to Protect Bankers at the G20 in Toronto

Why would bankers, economists and accountants
require that level of protection?

Let me see if I have this right. An RCMP spokesman goes on camera (on the national Canadian news) and states that the security effort / police plans for the G20 do not perceive any terrorism threat, but rather that the expensive security precautions are in place for "demonstrators".
(A BILLION DOLLARS to thwart concerned people with slogans, chants (even the "Canadian anthem) and home-made signs on sticks!! OMG ... prepare for the end of the known world! )
I used to be proud of my commendation ... however such inane comments as that make me wonder about what it's really worth and why it's still on my wall!

Last time I checked I had at least better than room-temperature IQ. Despite that; I'm expected to bob my head and swallow that 'official' statement? And on top of that ... accept such an obscene expense by people who don't even generate the money they squander?

Let's be clear ... a uniform does not mean intelligence ... it represents 'obedience' to higher internal authority ... and that 'authority' does not imply wisdom necessarily ... more likely compliance to (complicity with) some agenda set at the political level. So much for the pat, 6PM news statement ... he had to say that!

That among other G20 events can't help but generate serious questions for me ... because I am a critical thinker.

Being the 'critical thinker' I am, and having watched events at the G20 on the net, I am inclined to start a collection ... and hopefully that collection can raise enough money to buy Toronto one tow truck and one fire engine ... it seems they desperately need both! Before you go thinking that I'm 'generous' ... I'm not ... I simply do not like litter that attracts vermin, which was the case in Toronto!

OK, here are the details behind my thinking.

A police car gets abandoned in downtown Toronto. Electrical failure, carburetion issues, low tire pressure or maybe just a doughnut stuck in the CD player ... whatever the reason, it was abandoned at a major intersection in the downtown core and presented so little of a hazard to safety that police tactical units backed away from it in the face of an ominous column of marching protesters ... protesters armed with chants, slogans and home-made signs on sticks!. And there it sat, and sat, and sat ... for several hours ... because Toronto clearly does not have access to a tow truck!

Now here comes the vermin part ... after several hours the abandoned police car was attacked by several Black Block (idiots) "Anarchists" who needed to relieve their pent up frustrations after a window breaking spree throughout downtown Toronto that was apparently too sophisticated for a billion dollars worth of security to deal with!

The “anarchists” attacked the abandoned car with high-tech hammers & other blunt gizmos, making short work of the police car's windows ... then danced a 'terroristic jig' on the roof, trunk and hood to humiliate the car further! In a final act of sadistic cruelty they lit the vehicle on fire and left it to burn ... and burn ... and burn ... burn for a few hours ... because it appears that Toronto doesn't own a fire truck either.

So this where we come into the picture ... for a hundred grand (or so) we can provide Toronto with a fire truck and a tow truck for future emergencies ... but under the strict condition that they lend those vehicles to any future sites for G20 meetings to cut down on the expenses associated with security!

However, there was some good in that PVC (Police Vehicle Cremation) ... the length of time the police car sat burning gave ample opportunity for local and national media to record the burning car on video and write thrilling commentary in time for the next scheduled newscast!

Almost makes me want to blurt out the term "photo op" ... but I won't blurt out "photo op"because it might imply that the whole affair was staged to provide a "photo op" and it would be blasphemous to suggest that some people might benefit from a "photo op" ... even if they are people who spent a ridiculous One Billion dollars on "security" to prevent such events that would provide said "photo op". So I won't mention any reference to a "photo op".

Seems to me that there are two good questions to ask the free-spenders in Ottawa: "Under what reasonable circumstance(s) did you spend one billion dollars to protect bankers, accountants and economists from chants, slogans and home-made signs on sticks?" and "What, in this civil, gentle and disarmed county warrants buying and providing armored personnel carriers / assault vehicles to every RCMP tactical troop across the land?"

When events seem 'over the top' relative to real circumstances there are two possible scenarios ... (1) Something is being concealed, or (2) Something is being planned. Either way ... we who pay the freight are not being properly informed ... so we must take all measures to inform ourselves and we must hold elected people to account for what is going on here in Canada.

Damn, there is a flaw in my logic!

On 10th December, 1990 the Honourable Mr. Justice, E.A. Marshall, Justice of The Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta, concerning Docket # 9012000725, said in his judgment:

“I know of no legal duty on an elected representative at any level of government to consult with his constituents or determine their views. While such an obligation may generally be considered desirable, there is no legal requirement.”

I guess those ballots we cast to elect people every few years who beg for jobs at the podium to be our "voice in government" are really nothing more than 'chew toys' to keep us amused ... they vote in the house and pass bills at the command of party brass ... after all; How else can a politician rise in the party ranks? And how else could a Billion Dollars get approved for an event lasting a few days? ... makes the 2010 Olympic committee look like 'security cheapskates'!

We Canadians better wake up fast ... while we still can!


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