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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Modern Feudal Serf is Back

The " Modern Feudal Serf " isn't what my parents named me ... but it is what government deems me to be. Unfortunately for them, I'm far too independent, resourceful and aware (awake) to buy into that servile submission.

My life experiences and family history have played a consistent and influential role ... teaching me significant values right from my earliest years. Teaching me that there is no reason for abuse nor right to oppress others.

My Grandfather died as a result of his treatment in a Nazi concentration camp ... he wasn't there because he was Jewish ... he was there because he refused to persecute his Jewish neighbors. He was a police chief in Copenhagen (Kobenhaven) Denmark, during the second world war, who refused (despite Gestapo insistence) to order his constabulary to assist in a "roundup" of Jews.

Note that Jews are a point of significant historical controversy ... all I will say about that is that it is very important to understand the difference between a Jew and a Zionist ... apples & oranges once you educate yourself.

My Father lost his teenage years and teenage joys ... instead he was a member of the Danish underground (reisitasnce) ... spiriting Danish Jews out of harm's way into neutral Sweden. I can only imagine what he may have seen during that time. He was an intensely private man, but I got a glimpse of those times when I read a book called "Rescue in Denmark."

Growing up with those significant examples, it was my first choice to pursue a career in the military ... to be a defender and protector. The military trained me to fly ... not a tough task given my natural aptitude. Politicians, however, had decided that the military should be 'homogenized' and therefore skills were second to 'state personnel allocations' ... seemed ridiculous that we Canadians would ally ourselves against Soviets when we were practicing the same policies!

An education, resulting in an Officer's commission, from RMC (Royal Military College) -- "West Point" for my American cousins -- required a 'payback' ... ten years of service ... doing what politicians deemed you were to do rather than doing what your natural skills dictated. Not a good recipe ... and not something I could accept as a good use of my desire "to protect and to serve", and my willingness to risk myself for that purpose. So ...

How else does one 'protect and serve'? Ah yes ... work in policing! Second choice but not with less passion. Back in the 70's & early 80's you could still 'protect and serve' ... it was a natural motivation for those inclined to 'public service'. However, one learns soon that the 'brass' are no longer cops ... they are just politicians playing the game. I could accept a pay voucher every couple weeks to stay quiet and 'do my job' ... or, I could opt out of that PC plan ... which I did despite my commendation from the top of the brass!

In the time since, I've traveled and lived elsewhere ... got to know the people ... felt and experienced them, and their cultures. In doing so I have come to realize that while we may differ on our ideas about various things, we are mostly the same ... we want to live and raise families in peace, and with independence. We don't object to working and/or working hard to achieve that ... and are creative in that pursuit left to ourselves.

Unfortunately for normal humanity there is a group of people (Illuminati, Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, House of Windsor, and others) who disagree with that. They are an old-blood, inbred group who insist (imagine) that they are "natural leaders" … "hereditary leaders" even … and they are arrogant enough to assume that they are smarter, more enabled and better groomed than we are to govern all human activity … right from procreation to occupation! As pathetic as that notion is, they have weaseled their way over centuries into enough positions of 'power' that they are able to enact their delusions in the form of ‘policies’ and in some cases statutes too. Notice I didn't say "laws". There is a difference ... a big difference. A "law" cannot 'compel' performance ... it can ONLY protect. However 'statutes' do compel performance and 'statutes' are a 'contract' that requires our consent! More on that some other time.

There is a big difference between "justice" and "law" … as much as there is a difference between 'right' and 'wrong.' "Statute Law" seems to say that the end is the result of a negotiated means ... while "Justice" is the simple difference in common sense between what is right, wrong, good, bad, fair and unfair ... it resonates with us at a fundamental level ... whereas "the (statue) laws" frustrate us with abuses of the victim in favor of the 'rights' of the offender.

That being said ... my commentaries hereinafter are dedicated to a heartfelt determination to see justice done ... for all of us ... for those of us who see the world as our natural home upon which we all have un-alienable rights. The Earth is our home ... not a prison upon which we are expected to live (exist) for the pleasure, convenience, profit and in servitude to deluded, self-styled “masters” who think a 'big stick' gives them dominion over free people … us.


The “Modern Feudal Serf”

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